Sunday Workout & Smoothie Recipe- Feb 26th

OK GOD, THANK YOU FOR SUCH AN AWESOME WEEK! The weather has been just amazing here in NC. I hope where you are, it is just as awe inspiring! Hitting 80F in February is pretty cool when you are originally from NY.

Since this is my first week with experiencing a waist trainer (yup I will be blogging about that too), I am tailoring this week to ab centric:

100 Jumping Jacks                                                   60sec Running In Place
60sec High Knees                                                    60 Mountain Climbers

25 Push Ups                                                                25 Inch Worms
25 Overhead Press                                                   25 Triceps Kickbacks

60 Russian Twists                                                    60 Reverse Crunches
60 Bicycle Crunches                                                60 Knee Tucks (Seated)
60sec Plank                                                                25 Push Ups

25 Reverse Body Mountain Climbers                 60 Sumo Squats
100 Back Leg Lifts (50 each leg)                           60 Butt Bridges
60 Curtsy Lunges                                                      60 Walking Lunges
10 Burpees

100 Standing Side Leg Raises (alternate every 10 with a squat in between)

60 Reverse Crunches                                                60sec V Hold

Please stretch after all of that! If you need stretching suggestions, please do not hesitate to reach out! I am soooo glad that I was turned onto OrthoEase to help with sciatica issues, as I am coating my body with this lately (click HERE for my past review).

Recipe: Trying out a new protein shake powder. Look for an up coming blog post on multiple different ones that I will be reviewing:
1c brewed strong chai tea (or the concentrate pictured)
1/4c nut based milk of choice- optional
1T honey
1 drop Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil
1 scoop Creamy Vanilla Ultimate ProFit from ItWorks
***When blending, add ice to reach the consistency you desire or warm up in the microwave
***If you would like enough for 2 shakes/day doubling works great!

What do you have on the agenda for this beautiful Sunday? As always, I will be cleaning every surface, window, etc in this house with my new found love (Thieves Household Cleaner), with the added bonus of the Daytona 500 on!



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