Review: EcoTools EcoFoam Facial Sponge Duo Set

I picked this bad boy combo up at Target for $9.99. I am pretty particular on the performance of sponges when dampened and apply liquid foundation, concealer or even setting powders (here is a comparison of 2 other sponges I picked up from Ulta).

To perform well, the sponge needs to be able to take on a certain amount of water, play nice in my hand and allow me to distribute the “right” amount of product before bouncing it all around to blend. If I have to constantly pump more foundation or water, something isn’t right.

Always stipple and don’t rub. It is the best way to get foundation to look like skin and not a mask. Or, if I am a little dry for some strange reason, then to apply moisturizer while the sponge is wet, works wonders too. Just allows for more even distribution and doesn’t soak up our costly products.

Packaging is nice and there is even a hidden coupon for more savings next time. Yes, plastic is recyclable, however I would have thought it (packaging) would have been made out of cardboard. There are 2 sponges included in the price (which is more wallet friendly¬†than most brands). One for foundation and one for getting into tight areas better with the smaller size. The color is green- I get it “eco” = environmental. But, it is also the Pantone Color of the Year.

The foundation size is great. Almost too incredible and I will cry if they stop making them.¬†Feels awesome in my hand, soaks up the right ratio of water vs foundation. I am really digging the flat side for setting powder. I think that there is a ton of different uses with this one. You could even apply self tanner and not worry about streaking. Plus, it has a different texture than it’s smaller counterpart. That’s awesome for a buildable technique! Or, blending out your contour is totally feasible. Tons of options depending on how you apply makeup!

The smaller sponge is stiffer and allows for more precision. The “edge” gets really under the lower lashes and down the sides of my nose for contour. I like to apply eye makeup first, in case of any fall out. Let’s face it- I love Black Tied Eyeshadow by Mac Cosmetics and the black pigment with glitter is not pretty on top of all my foundation work. Think Black Eyes- totally not sexy.

For $9.99, these are amazing. The sponges also allow for easy cleaning. I think I am going to switch to just these two, and leave the others in the vanity. Plus, in March, I will (finally) be receiving the Evie Blender, as featured on KickStarter. That silicone sponge looks amazing enough to leave out on the counter. Think sponge but with glitter! Once I receive it and have a day or two to play, of course I will be reviewing here! Feel free to follow me to see that post!

Which sponges are your favorite that I should be trying out? Let me know in the comments below! Happy Saturday!

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