OrthoEase Massage Oil by Young Living- Helps My Sciatica. Does it help yours?

As always, I do not sell oils or have an MLM business, nor do I want one.

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With that being said, let’s get down to this bottle of massage oil. Once you get past the retail sticker shock of $45.72USD, you can start to process the calming blend of vegetable oils and therapeutic-grade essential oils, including Wintergreen, Peppermint, Juniper, and Marjoram. There are some other goodies in there, such as Lemongrass, & Vertiver. Somewhere in all of this mix is an ingredient or blend that calms the fire of my sciatica.

I have been plagued by sciatica issues for over a decade and see a massage therapist regularly to try to get it to stop pissing me off. She is a wonderful healer, and if you are ever in the Lake Norman area, please head over to Pamela at Healing Tree http://www.healingtreenc.massagetherapy.com/ Your body and mind will thank you.

Each morning, I make myself get motivated to get some sort of workout in from another blog post: See it here!

30 Crunches                                                       30 Gran Plie in 2nd Position
30 Reverse Crunches                                      30 Arabasque
30sec Plank                                                         30sec Plank
Swear and die                                                   30 Reverse Crunches again
30 Pushups                                                         30 Mountain Climbers
30 Donkey Kicks

You might ask me why 30? Pretty much because that is all that I can do- for now! I went years without a single crunch or leg lift. Baby steps!

The point that I apply this tincture is right before the 30sec plank. It seems to kick in just before the Gran Plie’s and stop the sciatica (which is actually on both sides) from flaring up. That means, no Aleve. Which also means, happy me. I HATE taking anything other than supplements or the occasional antacid. Don’t forget, that is coming from someone born with a crappy set of intestines- no pun needed there.

Let’s get to the only bad part of this. It’s the smell. I cannot get past it. When people come to the house, I have them even smell it to make sure that there isn’t something wrong with my olfactory nerve. I already have nerve issues, why not add another to the list? So far, everyone is split on it. Some say the Wintergreen is awesome. Others, say they detect something rotten. Well which is it then?

This bottle doesn’t die. One pump covers half my lower back, one ass cheek and the hamstring. So for 2 pumps, I am literally good to go for the duration of this workout and after when I am stretching said area so no muscles are encroaching on those nasty nerves .

The consistency- rockstar style. It glides on in a surprisingly stunning style. Plus, totally hydrating even after I shower this stench off. Just look at all the oils in it! To try to commit homicide on this bottle, I even brought it to Pamela for when she works on me. Massages are always fantastic, but wow OrthoEase brought it to a new level. Despite getting home in the afternoon, I think that I went to bed for the night. Oh Hallelujah coma like induced sleep!

Even after using this consistently for about 2mons, not even a quarter is gone. Verdict- yes it stinks. Yes it works. Yes I will purchase again.

Click here to do some research for yourself on OrthoEase: https://www.youngliving.com/en_US/products/ortho-ease-massage-oil

Have you tried it yet? Thoughts?



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