Review: Envision Essential Oil by Young Living

I was recently asked, “what is your go to that you refuse to live without oil that is life changing and you have 8 kabillion bottles and roller bottles and massage oil in every room of the house, car, purses, friend’s house and spinkle on Chris without him knowing?” Well that’s ENVISION! Obsessed with the scent and how my body/mind/etc reacts to it.

Young Living Pricing 5 ml (#3337)
$24.67 USD
$18.75 USD
Per Young Living’s website, they describe this little bottle as: scents that stimulate feelings of creativity and resourcefulness, encouraging renewed faith in the future and the strength necessary to achieve your dreams.
I know that I talk about making an impact and living life to the fullest. But, we are really here for a short time. Take advantage of that! With this essential oil, it reminds me to think about all that I will accomplish in the future. Not what I possibly will work towards, but what will happen and then some. I tell those in my field of Human Resources, to envision more all the time.
The way I found out about this little bottle was by having an iTOVI scan. iTovi is a health and wellness scanner that let’s one know which oils and supplements they might need in their journey to wellness. I know nothing on this, and I will stop pretty much here trying to describe it. Each time that I had a scan, it resulted in various items, as it was seasons in between. My first scan showed Envision, as I was just preaching this to a team through work. Kinda cool right?
The some other items that my two scans have shown to support me are: OrthoEase (see my review HERE), Myrtle, Progesscence Plus Serum, Bergamot, Endoflex, Balsam Fir and Oregano. Myrtle makes sense with intestinal issues and hormonal issues as I swear I have something more than just prostaglandin issues going on (think Change of Life). Actually, all of them I can justify and make work in my head.

Envision has an uplifting scent that includes: Spruce (Picea mariana), geranium (Pelargonium graveolens), orange (Citrus aurantium), lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), sage (Salvia officinalis), and rose (Rosa damascena). Honestly, I cannot tell what I am smelling first. Maybe sage and rose? Since I really don’t know what spruce essential oil smells like, it could be that.
This scent is so amazing/intoxicating, that only 10drops in a large roller bottle (I buy them cheaply off Amazon), filled to the top with olive oil, is the nicest perfume that I have ever owned. Yes, I do like to add other scents into my day, but this is the ultimate for me. Plus, I have found that when I cannot smell it on myself any longer, others still can. So many compliments and I believe the longest lasting! If I put this on before bed, I can wake up smelling awesome.
I have a small diffuser for my office and one for my car. Or, I have a USB diffuser to take on the road when I travel. Perfect for hotel rooms! Unfortunately, I do not use Envision in the larger room diffusers. Those take up to 25 drops, and I feel like somehow I will use up bottles too soon. Which is a weird way to approach it, as I can refill the water a few times and no need to add oil.
Do you have a favorite OMG must have at all times oil? Let me know in the comments below, as I am always into trying new ones. If you would like to know more about the iTovi scan, please email me ( and I will put you in touch with someone that does. Or, if you would like to order any of these items described, feel free to reach out to me directly. Have a magnificent day! I’m off to do some sniffing 😉
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