Review: Lanvanila Deodorant- Pure Vanilla

I think at this point we all are aware of how bad aluminum is in our conventional deodorants. We see the reports, but we still use them. We all sweat and collectively spend about $18billion/yr on said products. The first deodorant was trademarked in 1888, with antiperspirant following 15yrs later. For some, every 6mons it is a great idea to change up the brand so that your body’s chemistry does not become immune to the product and fails to work (not enough scientific studies out there as to why this happens).

For me, I tend to buy whatever men’s deodorant is at the grocery store that I have a coupon for. I love the smell of it and seems to work so much better than women’s in the high heat of summer in the south. However, I saw so many women out there that were really happy with Lavanila Laboratories’ The Healthy Deodorant, that I figured oh what the heck- go for it!

For $14USD at Sephora, it is so pricey compared to my almost free with coupon alternatives. But, if something works and lasts a long time, I’m down! The scent is really clean and I think I have a soap somewhere with a similar scent for layering. I will say that it is nice to not have any harsh chemicals in that area and to start an underarm detox to go along with using more natural cleaning products lately. Chris and I would like to eventually get to a chemical free home and I’m sure the dogs will be pleased!

This deodorant’s label states: This All-Natural, freshly scented deodorant provides superior, long-lasting odor protection. Soothing essentials oils blend with powerful anti-oxidants and beta glucan technology for daily defense & nourishment. Per the ingredients list, the essential oils used are Lemon & Tea Tree, but there are other extracts with no dyes, sulfates or parabens. In my research of which essential oils are fabulous for DIY deodorant (base of clay looks awesome), I found: Tea Tree, Lavender, Lime, Lemongrass & Thyme.

Let me start off with, I think that this has a wonderful texture. It has a wonderful scent. It also is great that they have made a 100% natural deodorant. But, this stick does not work for me under arms. I truly hate saying when something doesn’t work. Brands put so much effort into their formulations for us in this multi-billion dollar industry. But, if I have to reapply every 45mins, I’m not a happy girl.

Notice how I said that it doesn’t work under arms? Well, guess what— It works as a makeup primer in the super oily spots! Just be careful when blending liquid foundation & concealer. I suggest using mineral based instead (Clare Blanc Minerals has been working the best for me lately). Another great usage is for mosquito bite itch! Yup, took that right away. How about those pesky friends that pop up in the morning? By time I am done with my morning workout and routine, the redness is gone.

Happy Thursday Everyone! Let me know in the comments below if Lavanila Deodorant worked for you and if you have any alternative uses for this. I don’t want to waste this whole stick.

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8 thoughts on “Review: Lanvanila Deodorant- Pure Vanilla

  1. I LOVE their lotions but the deo was a no go for me as well. I’ve made my own deo for a while now with coconut oil,arrowroot and diatomaceous earth but on my really sweaty days it doesn’t have quite enough kick. Pit Paste brand is absolutely amazing…but it put me in a “pit detox” mode that I never quite could work through.

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  2. I tried this deodorant (the sports one) and it didn’t work for me. I had to constantly reapply. It’s really cool that you used it in different ways that worked for you, especially for mosquito bites!!

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