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Welcome to Glitter is Life!

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Thanks for stopping by to see what this self confessed beauty addict is up to! Here is my little page in this massive community for some self empowered, achieve anything attitude and a love of life. Let’s see where this journey will take us.

Why do we write, even when we are not the best at it (much like myself)!? I don’t like being cookie cutter and do not need to be popular. I just like documenting a little bit of sunshine, weekly workouts and throwing in some beauty reviews. #TakeHealthyBack

I am constantly trying new products: #bbloggers rejoice! Could be makeup, wine, food, just about anything. I love new experiences and figured someone out there might too. Maybe you will benefit from me trying out a new subscription service, app, tequila or eyeshadow. Or, maybe you will at least get a good laugh and goal for the day.

Hearing that The Great Dolly Parton doesn’t leave the bathroom without transforming herself, totally inspires me everday. I don’t think Chris has even seen me with wet hair! I have a lot of loves in life, but the 2 biggest- God and Chris! Everything else is just like a unicorn farted glitter all over the world and I am vowing to make everything look shiny!

Feel free to connect with me, follow me and reach out to chat! I love engagement!

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