#Oola Challenge- Day 3 Pray About It!

Here is yesterday’s post in case you missed it: https://glitterislife.com/2017/01/07/oola-challenge-day-2-commit-to-a-fitness-plan/ Have you committed to a fitness plan yet? Day 3: It’s easy to get caught up in our thoughts. We overthink, re-think, over generalize, and jump to conclusions. The patterns of our lives and the world we live in make it easy to do. We wake … More #Oola Challenge- Day 3 Pray About It!

Daily Prompt: Specific

via Daily Prompt: Specific Specific means to be clearly defined, right? So how about when it comes to the body or particular illness? How about being specific of a remedy having special effect in the prevention or cure of a certain disease? Let me tell you something about Crohn’s- it ain’t getting cured any time soon. Especially not … More Daily Prompt: Specific