Daily Prompt: Specific

via Daily Prompt: Specific

Specific means to be clearly defined, right? So how about when it comes to the body or particular illness? How about being specific of a remedy having special effect in the prevention or cure of certain disease?

Let me tell you something about Crohn’s- it ain’t getting cured any time soon. Especially not in my case. But, I can help reduce the impact the symptoms I experience in everyday life.

Stress- now we can’t all get rid of this. It is a part of life. But, when things are too much for me, I hand it off to Chris. He has amazingly reduced any outside life stress for me, other than my career. But, that is a fun stress, right?

Food- ugh. Love hate relationship with too many items to list. However, it takes time to find out which foods work and which do not. All I can say, is I have been attempting to find that balance for the last 30+yrs.

Exercise- double ugh. IF I am not careful, abdominal pains and migraines. But, performing lower impact at least gets me moving each day. It just starts my day off on the right foot- no pun intended!

If you have Crohn’s don’t let anyone ever tell you how specific treatments are going to work. Research it for yourself and conduct your own trial and error. Cheers!

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