Waist Trainer Week 1

Seriously was so excited to receive this! To get it on: stand up, lay down, whatever possible to hook this sucker. But, don’t be like me and pretty much throw your back out doing it. A trick that I figured out for us bustier girls- put your highest pushup bra on possible to be able to see what you are doing. I know, too much info, but hey- we’re all friends right?

This is really hard to get on. At first, I thought that I needed to go to a size Medium (currently have Small), since I really had a 10mins struggle to get all the hooks hooked. There are three rows of hooks, so I will be able to get plenty of time with this one before needing to purchase a smaller one.

I made it exactly 30mins and then no joke- I need a nap! I tried a couple jumping jacks from my daily workout, and just felt so constricted that I needed out of the 16 hooks and 4 bones. The company does state to try to wear it 5 days/week and eventually one should be able to increase to 4-6hrs/day.

But, I am the type that will persevere no matter what. So, I’m pretty committed to giving this torture device a fair shot. I strapped it on one more time. This time was much easier. Almost like the waist trainer needed time to breathe out of it’s packaging. Literally took under 5mins to get it on and get used to breathing. I still couldn’t work out with it on the first day, but I could go about my daily routine for the next few hours.

What was remarkable, was that I slept better than ever. Even fell asleep on the couch for a straight 8hrs. Didn’t move once. I don’t know if there is a direct connection or not, but hey- I’ll take sound sleep any day.

After completing 2 days of 6hrs/day, I needed a break for a day. I do have some back issues, and I think that the waist trainer might have brought those out. I’m using back muscles that I must not have in a while. Even when not working out, it feels like I am working out. What is really an awesome perk, is that I always suffer with distention. Ummm… none of that with this! I think we are on to something folks!

Here is the one that I am currently using: Waist Trainer- Hourglass Model: Amia. Let me know in the comments below if you have tried one as well! I am really giving it a shot for the next 30 days to see what kind of difference it will make.


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