Review: Real Good Pizza Co

If you are on a low carb diet, here is your way of having pizza without the gassy cauliflower crust. Or, maybe you just want to cut out some more “junk” from your diet. Either way you decide, give these a try!

After seeing these on Instagram, Chris and I ordered all 3 flavors: Supreme, Three Cheese and Pepperoni. Of course, we had to try all three straightaway.

Heres their website:


Personal 5″ Pizzas

  • ~ Delicious Pizza you can feel good about eating!
  • ~ Each 5″ pizza has 25g protein and ONLY 4g carbs
  • ~ Clean Ingredients. Grain Free. Gluten Free.
  • ~ Choose # of Cases  – Each case contains 6 pizzas

Pricing below (min. 2 cases per order):
• 2 cases (12 pizzas) = $5.80 per Pizza ($69.99 total)
• 3 cases (18 pizzas) = $4.99 per Pizza ($89.99 total)
• 4 cases (24 pizzas) = $4.50 per Pizza ($108.00 total)
• Order 5 or more cases = $4.25 per Pizza

The “best” tasting pizza, in both our opinions, is the Supreme! We were pleasantly surprised at the carb content still being 4g with all the toppings. Love these, but make sure that you are cooking these in the oven on a pizza stone to crisp up the crust. Placing in the microwave makes it rubbery, but doesn’t change the taste. Don’t go the convenient route of the toaster over either. Still rubbery. Or, finish off in a cast iron pan? Either way, just go the pizza stone in the oven route.

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried this awesome low carb option! I know it has helped Chris stay below 10g of carbs per day. Cheers!


One thought on “Review: Real Good Pizza Co

  1. Do not cook these on a pizza stone, at least not the “normal” pizza flavors. They will ooze cheese and sauce all over and leave you with charred residue stuck to your stone. If you don’t believe me, check out their Facebook wnd Instagram pages – this happens to anyone who cooks without the cardboard disc prior to finishing in cast iron.


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