Happy Sunday! Time for Weekly Workout with Smoothie Recipe!

Another Sunday is here and I’m living for this day! Each Sunday, I love challenging myself to  getting everything ready for a new week that we have been given!

That means, working out, deep cleaning the house, cleaning and changing wicks in the diffusers, picking out different shower products, planning every outfit needed, etc. I know how difficult that might sound for some, but it is my way of planning and being organized. I am more productive and have a higher chance of hitting all of my goals.

I know that I haven’t been around much this past week, but don’t fret- I will be around more this week! Chris and I are going through some exciting times, including a ton of construction at the house. He’s doing it all himself! So hot!


If you would like to get caught up on last week’s workout & smoothie recipe: CLICK HERE! As always, it is a no gym/no equipment/at home form that I do. Nope, not a professional. Yup, you should seek a doctor’s advice prior to engaging in what I do. This is just what I am focusing on this week. Feel free to follow along with me, as I always workout first thing in the morning:

50 Jumpin Jacks- let’s get that blood moving!
60 Mountain Climbers
25 Pushups
50 Sumo Squats
50 Butterfly Sit Ups
60sec Wall Sit

40 Lateral Jumps                                      40 Walking Lunges
40 Curtsey Squats                                    15 Burpees

Floor Work:
60 Alternating Side Leg Lifts               60 Donkey Kicks (R then L)
60 Mountain Climbers                           60 Butt Lifts
60 Russian Twists                                    60 Reverse Crunches
25 Pushups                                                 10 Jackknife Crunches

Stretch stretch stretch! Take the next ten minutes to really focus and get your mind right for the day. Envision all your goals and making them happen. Replenish yourself after with a vitamin packed smoothie. You deserve it!

Blueberries and blackberries are looking beautiful in the grocery stores this week! Of course I had to go way overboard and purchase cartons upon cartons, so why not use them in smoothies for the week? Blackberries are an awesome source of Vitamin E, K, Folate, C, Potassium, etc. Addition of blueberries, means even more eye health and goodness. Sign me up! Feel free to use frozen berries of course.

1/2c      Tropicana’s Dark Cherry Raspberry Beet Juice
1/2c      Blueberries
1/2c      Blackberries
1/4c      Mint Leaves
1c          Non Dairy Milk of Choice
1T          Local Honey
2drops Lime Essential Oil
1T          Chia Seeds
2 scoops  JuicePlus+ Vanilla Shake Mix (or which one you prefer)

Yes, you will have more than enough to share with this recipe. However, I love making up a large batch so that I have my mid-afternoon snack. 2 shakes a day for me seems to be helping me hit some of my health goals. Now go outside and enjoy this beautiful weather- don’t forget to give thanks!



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