Skincare Sunday with Reviews- Jan 29th

Well my lovelies, I woke up with some ugly “friends” on my face this morning. We can’t have them sticking around for long. Sometimes, with a bunch of exfoliation and hydration, I can keep more from congregating on my face. I have a few samples that I have been meaning to try out of my stash, so why not use today to share with you!

To start, before my shower, I revisited the clariSEA Exfoliant (Review), which calls for a cleanser to be added in equal parts. This time, I used the Green Tea Citrus Antioxidant Cleanser from SkinScript. Normally I would use the Raspberry Cleanser by SkinScript, but it’s Sunday and I like to change up products.

After a quick shower- we got stuff to do today, I apply the BalanceMe Treatments Radiance Face Mask. This is supposed to polish, hydrate and smooth all skin types. The grain of the scrub is quite small and feels super hydrating. It does have Kaolin Clay (helps oiliness), walnut shells for exfoliation and fruit acids for brightening. I wiped off with a wet washcloth after 10mins. The packaging states to rinse after 5mins, but it felt like it wasn’t doing a thing. I don’t think that I will be purchasing.

Instead of grabbing a cotton ball and using a toner, today we are using the erborian Bamboo Creme Frappee. Anytime that I see water as the main ingredient in skincare, I think not effective and not worth the money. If I want to spritz water on my face, that’s free. I want skin care that is going to pack a punch instead. Yes, this did sink right into my skin, however it feels like a toner would be more effective. Not going to purchase.

Do not forget to hydrate the lip area. I always go just outside the lip line to help fight off any prematuring wrinkles. the Pur~lisse Daily Lip Nourisher is super hydrating and is petroleum free. Double bonus! The sample tube that I received is an awesome size and no need to purchase just yet until I have fully used up. But, I will be keeping this one out so that I do not forget to use her.

Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation is a lightweight cream that is perfect for hydrating all over face, neck and chest without worrying about extra greasiness right away. Yes, I do feel greasy after an hour, but I am trying to over-hydrate to get rid of these extra “friends.” The only reason why I would purchase, is so that I can try this as a primer. I have seen some other bloggers use this under their foundation. But, I don’t think that it is really for an oily skinned makeup wearer. Only time will tell!

Yesterday, I had too much sodium intake. Whenever I do that, my under eye area puffs up. Using the cooling roll on of the Ultimate Lift Eye Gel by Ole Henriksen does the trick within 5mins. The added bonus is that it feels like I am giving myself a massage!

The other two items in the picture- Estee Edit Dissolve the Drama makeup remover & DHC’s Coenzyme Q10 Eye Cream will round off the day with the Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation to keep these new friends from making more. I know that this all sounds weird not to use acne creams in conjunction, but I am thinking that this is food based and not hormonal.

Have you tried any of these products lately? Thoughts in the comments below por favor!


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