ipsy- Jan 2017 Review clariSEA Exfoliant

To see all of the other goodies received and tested yesterday, CLICK HERE!

When it came time to end the day and get unready, I took a good look in the mirror & was quite impressed with the Temptu Matte Primer. No goopiness! Granted, I was in need of a good blotting paper and touch up, but I am going to give it a few more shots prior to jumping out of my skin.

I love coconut oil for the first step in removing makeup. Works wonders on waterproof mascara and the UD All Nighter Foundation. Take a clump, rub between hands to liquify and massage it right in your face and over eyes. Granted, I am sure someone will yell at me for that, but this is about me 😉

Next, take equal parts of the generous sized sample powder exfoliant and cleanser. But, WATCH OUT! BE CAREFUL! If you thought the way I use coconut oil was craziness, watch out how you use this exfoliant. For someone like me with tough skin from years of chemical peel awesomeness, I can handle it. I don’t know how someone with sensitive skin will.

Super easy rinse off. This product from clariSEA mixed with cleanser, almost reminds me of the microdermabrasion from Mary Kay (if anyone knows what I am talking about), but larger grains and gets down to business better.

My skin was an awesome dark pink after scrubbing away and loved being toned. This time, the essential oils that I added to the cotton ball with the Peter Thomas Roth toner I have spoken about before were lavender, ylang ylang and tea tree.

If you are looking for something to TRULY scrub the day away- this is it! Just be careful how you use it.

***Morning update- my face did not look as oily! Feels nice and plump with a hint of glow. Oooowwwweeee!

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