Final Thoughts: Urban Decay’s All Nighter Foundation

So to refresh, here’s the other 2 threads on this foundation:

Second Thoughts

First Impressions

After much deliberation on this, I felt the need to be honest. I feel bad about what I am going to say because brands put so much effort into everything that goes into a product. They feel it’s awesome. Otherwise, they wouldn’t launch it to all of us lovelies.

If you purchased this product with your hard earned $$ and love it, I am truly happy for you! This is only one oily skinned (Thanks Pop ugh) Caucasian’s opinion. Sorry Urban Decay! I have much love for you, but not for this foundation.

Color- perfect. It has been the best shade of any foundation for me my whole makeup life. I pretty much came out of the womb (Thanks Mom) with aura of glitter

Coverage- minimal issues to deal with. One full pump covers my face, but there was some patches that I would have to go back in with a pin head size for no apparent reason.

Wear- didn’t feel like anything on, but could that also be because I’ve been wearing makeup forever? Then there is the time issue. As the day goes on, it is patchy, wonky, migrating the geese preparing for cold. Then there are the lines that form. I do not have wrinkles on my forehead or half way between my nose and lip. Where did these depressions come from? Or, why do I appear to have severe bags under my eyes?


No thanks on this foundation. It just does not work, no matter what primer/concealer/setting powder/setting spray you choose. I tried every combo that I could get my hands on. Sorry Urban Decay. I just can’t do it.

Have you tried this? Please tell me in the comments what I am missing!

xoxoxox Jessica

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