Second Day- Urban Decay’s All Nighter Foundation

After about the 4th hour, UD foundation was doing a funky dance around my nose. Not a cool one either. Without trying a touch up during the day, I just monitored the situation. Conclusion- don’t use a brush first prior to the trusty Beauty Blender (insert STRONG maybe here). Just cannot tell yet if it was application method, the foundation itself, or possibly the setting spray.

Day 2 of Trial & Error- Let’s try a different primer. As you recall from yesterday, I used The POREProfessional by Benefit. Maybe the combo doesn’t play well enough for a “viral video on YouTube” status.

New Primer: bareMinerals Prep Step SPF 50 $30 at Sephora and totally worth it in the NC sun. Even though it isn’t ideal for my oil slick, I still can appreciate how nice it feels on my skin for the first 15mins. At least with this primer, I have no need for any other skin care. It takes care of my paler than pale need for a strong SPF. See, I work from home and love the sun shining on me all day while I sit next to my window.

Now onto the fun part- dab dab dab one pump of foundation all over face/neck/ears and bounce your dampened Beauty Blender all over. Check that jawline and woo hoo we are blended! Sticking with the same concealer as yesterday, but this time I want to use a different setting powder:Laura Geller Double Take Baked Foundation. Hey- we are trying all different today to see what will “stick” in this sea of goop. Couple spritzes of setting spray (Boscia White Charcoal Setting Spray)and we’re off!

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