Review: Amika Silken Up Dry Conditioner

Why stop at Dry Shampoo when you can also use Dry Conditioner to freshen your locks?

Quick recap- to read the process of how & how often I wash my hair HERE YA GO!

I have nothing else to compare this to, as I really haven’t tried another brand’s version. There are limited reviews out there about this product, which leads me to believe not many of us lovelies have tried a dry conditioner, or even know that it exists.

My extensions seem to respond well to this product and look pretty shiny after using. I haven’t tried it on the top portion of my hair,  where it is actually something I grew myself, because oily is not pretty! There is a dry shampoo for that, and I will review that one for you another day.

Overall, reach out and try it: $28 at Sephora If you do not like the feeling of a dry conditioner, try using only on your ends to freshen up your look. Whether you did your amazing blow out yourself, or went to your local professional, you want to keep up that hard work.

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