Let’s Pull an All Nighter! Foundation that is ;)

Urban Decay came out with their All Nighter Foundation (Purchase at Sephora here for $40 Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation). Shade 1.0 is me. But, I have a feeling that might be a little light being this close to the end of the North Carolina summer. Another couple of weeks and another chemical peel, the shade will be ideal for this light skinned Italian.

I have a love hate relationship with foundation. I have tried drug store and high end alike. I have always wanted a Holy Grail, go-to, amazingness to glide on my face flawlessly. Never happens. Whether it is in liquid, cream, cream-to-powder or powder form, I just haven’t found “it.” Make sure to follow my blog because I am going to be trying this $40 bottle out until it’s gone. I will write often with thoughts and I am sure I will have complaints too. In this situation, I am probably not my usual positive self. In the past, I have had a habit of trying to change up the failed foundations by adding other lotions, other foundations, etc once I knew that I was displeased. Still didn’t help this oil slick situation that I have going on here. Not enough pigment, too much pigment, too hydrating, etc. Ugh. Never has worked. So, with all the new products out there, since starting to wear makeup in the late 80s, I decided to give this a shot. But, to truly give it a shot, I need to blog openly about it.

Packaging thoughts- too cute. Love silver/chrome. Thanks to UD for not packaging it in gold, as I would have kept on shopping right past your display yesterday. Feels heavy and looks as if they put some thought into it. Score!

Shade 1.0- described as fair bisque with soft warm undertone

Application- without any scent detection, I dotted one full pump on my primed skin (today we are using: Benefit’s POREProfessional Primer) Here I then use a stipling brush that I bought years ago at Target. The brand name has even worn off, but I believe it is a flat top foundation brush from Sonia Kashuk. I believe it is. Don’t quote me on that one. Maybe one of these days when I go back to Sephora, I will invest in a new brush and have some dialogue with you about that one. Any suggestions?? After I believe that I have wiped out any hints of my own flesh, I add this concealer Bright Future Serum Concealer to under eyes in a huge triangle, center of nose, all around mouth, dot forehead, omg dot chin…phew got a little carried away on that one. Oh well. I really don’t think that it matters how much of that gel serum I use since this is where I get out my damp beauty blender and go to town. All over. Just keep blending. Once you thought that you got it all, you go in and do it some more. Then, I perform that mirror test on the jawline that I learned in the early 90s. Get a mirror out and inspect the jawline in your big vanity mirror. Can you see foundation? You better not be able to detect a line! Hideous! Such a crime if you can!

So far, I am impressed with the fact that I only used one pump. Hmmm. Good sign so far. Get the contouring out of the way, set everything with powder and make yourself glow with highlighter. Now, at this stage, I am looking at my face makeup on my vanity. I am noticing a trend. My new foundation- Urban Decay. My go-to contour- Urban Decay. My go-to highlighter- Urban Decay. My deslicking face setting spray- Urban Decay!  Have I even stumbled upon a Holy Grail line? I will check back in later to let you know how this holds up. Until then- did you work out this morning? Set an intent? Eat or drink your breakfast? Happy Holidays Ya’ll!

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