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Happy Monday all you lovely people out there! How was your weekend? What did you do? Chris is still working on the new garage, so we will not be going out on the town until Wednesday for a bloggers event. Be sure to follow me on Instagram, as I will be sharing first there!

Origins is a natural skin care line with no parabans, artificial dyes or crazy ingredients that we would never want to put onto our largest organ. Let’s hop in a time machine and go back to the 90s when I used to use this line.  “Purging” everything out of my pores doesn’t even start to explain what would happen when using Origins. I think that one of their toners was about the death of my hopes of a clear complexion. So naturally, I was a little hesitant, but excited to be on the list not only as a recipient of this VoxBox, but also an in-store event.

For those that do not know, how receiving a VoxBox works, I am in the same boat as yourself. It’s some sort of magical algorithm that uses fairy dust to decide based on all social media channel followers. I think? Maybe a unicorn farts out our names. Who knows. Let me know in the comments below if you have a better idea. Either way, I am happy and proud to say that I received yet another box!

Lately, my skin has had so many “friends” popping up that I am going crazy. Trust me- I take care of my oil slick of skin. But, acne can rear it’s ugly head at any point. It does not mean that I wear too much makeup, or do not properly wash my face. I do not care how tired I am, I drag myself to the vanity to wash my face.

Along with our daily stress, comes more acne. Then, not enough healing occurs before more clusters around the “original” friend start to pop up. Think of it like a co-working space. All working together to be loud and piss me off.

Let’s jump into this VoxBox….

Ginzing EyeCream– ($30.00 for 0.5oz) Ahhh-mazing! Holy sh*t this stuff depuffs and brightens. BUY BUY BUY in my book! Then, buy some more! The brightening effect is gorgeous and looks heavenly when wearing no makeup. To boost the anti-aging effect, as well as looking super smooth under foundation, I have been adding Frankincense & Endoflex Essential Oils. (Give me another couple of weeks, and I will write a blog post on those!)

Ginzing Energy Booster Moisturizer– ($27.50USD for 1.7oz) I think that I have mentioned before that I love when skincare companies add caffeine to their creams. It always means that it will provide a more refreshed and energized look. Bring on the coffee ya’ll! Will I purchase this one on my own? Probably not, unless I move to all one skincare line. Origins pretty much might turn into that line, however I cannot ever seem to get myself to that point of a Holy Grail line. Ugh decisions decisions.

Checks and Balances– ($22.00USD for 5oz) Claims to be a frothy face wash. Ummm… frothy doesn’t explain it well enough in my vocabulary. This stuff is INSANE! Seriously- go to your nearest Origins and check it out. Love it and really recommend it!

Clear Improvement– ($26.00USD for 3.4oz) Active charcoal mask to clear pores. This is another item that I tend to keep around in a pinch. Yes it does work, but I am looking for something more powerful, such as the Detox Body Mud Stripper from PerfectlyPosh that I reviewed HERE! Yes, the mask from PP is for the body, but it performs insanely well on my face.

High Potency Night A Mins– ($43.00USD for 1.7oz) Cute name for a mineral enriched renewal cream. With a clean and zesty scent, I am falling in love! Yes, it is super moisturizing, but I wake refreshed and not oily.

After just a couple of days using this VoxBox, take a look at how bright my skin looks while only wearing lipstick & mascara!

Origins results

If you would like to sign up for a potential free VoxBox of your own, here is my Influenster Link. Let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are on the Origins line!

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.


10 thoughts on “Origins VoxBox by @Influenster

  1. Ooooh Jessica! You are glowing lady! WOW! I want to know more about that eye cream! My husband says I look like a raccoon some days. (I do have a chronic illness but I still want to look good!) My eyes are the problem. dark circles and wrinkles. YUK. What are your thoughts on using just the Origins eye cream with , say, another brand of facial moisturizer? I use Oil of Olay and BOOMsticks for makeup. Tried the BOOMsticks? Amazing all natural! Thanks ~Kim

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey KimI! Thank you so much for the kind words! You rock! I have Crohn’s and do not want to come off as treating or diagnosing. However, I have heard that adding essential oils to your eye cream to address what MIGHT be leading to the circles, etc. can have it’s advantages. Mixing and matching should not be an issue whatsoever with the Origins eye cream. I’m intrigued! What are BOOMsticks??


      1. Well, I’m going for the eye creams and the mascara you recommended! Whoo hoo! I’m almost 50 and my niece asked me why I wore so much makeup. I said because I have blonde eyelashes and blonde eyebrows and to top it off I glow in the dark I’m so white. So, BOOMsticks are by Cindy Joseph. She was a professional makeup artist turned model at age 60! She created this product to look like you are not wearing makeup. It’s color in a stick and that color matches everyone’s skin tone. There is glimmer in a stick and moisturizer in s stick. So I bought the trio. Love the color and the shimmer sticks. The moisturizer, not so much but I use it on my feet, they love it! You can only get this product on her website. Quality control she says. It’s great if you want to look natural. My hubby loves it, my niece thinks I look younger! But, it’s so easy- chronic fatigue makes showering and getting makeup on a hassle. BOOMsticks just make my daily life easier. I still love putting on makeup for special occasions. Thanks for the info! You really do glow in your pic! -Kim

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