Review: K Beauty Trial Kit- Oil Be Gone

Good morning all you lovely people! Hope you had a fantastic week! For me, such a hell of a week. I have previously posted about my wonky schedule, and won’t bore you with the details, but said schedule is WORSE! OMG! New project that I am thrown on, plus existing, and un-f&&king someone else’s sh!t, has my head spinning. Eyes are twitching. Neck is killing me from bad posture all day. I am in need of some pampering!

A month ago (I know, horrible #bblogger) a reader had sent this kit to me to see what my opinion is on some KBeauty. I am always looking at what is out there, but somehow I never seem to purchase Asian Beauty Brands. I just think that there seems to be ingredients that are on the sketchy whale- semen side of life. The idea of putting sperm on my face for skincare purposes, just makes me think that my pores are going to get pregnant and give birth to a zit. Does that make sense?

In this kit:

Whamisa By Glow Recipe Green Tea Cleansing Gel – 20mL
An antioxidant rich cleansing gel that melts makeup, pore-clogging dirt and oils from the skin for a deep and thorough, pore-purifying cleanse.

Whamisa By Glow Recipe Green Tea Serum Toner – 20mL
A skin–soothing, lightweight toner and serum in one that instantly preps the skin for skincare while flooding it with lasting moisture.

Whamisa By Glow Recipe Green Tea Moisturizer – 10mL
A lightweight, oil-free, fast absorbing moisturizer that leaves skin hydrated without heaviness.

Whamisa By Glow Recipe Green Tea Clay Mask – 10mL
A gentle non-stripping, non-drying whipped Green Tea-infused White Clay mask formulated to brighten skin, refine pores, balance oiliness, and banish breakouts.

I started with the Cleansing Gel on my handy-dandy Clarisonic. Yup, still love that tool ever since she came out. I do believe that it makes a difference that one can feel and see. However, mortal sin I know, I have yet to try the foundation brush head. Let me know in the comments below if you have and what your thoughts are. Should I buy it?

The claims sounded awesome for the cleansing gel to help purge the week away. Unfortunately, it was the same as any regular cleanser. No huge foaming action when using the Clarisonic or between my hands. Would I purchase separately? Nope.

I love a good clay mask. I think that there are plenty out there on the market today that will perform how this one claims. Passing on this too. However, if you are super oily like myself, check out the charcoal mask through Origins. That one performs well!

The serum toner is meant to use a dime sized amount and pat into your face. Don’t forget your neck with all these steps too. I like the idea of this, but I think that there are so many other products, such as Peter Tomas Roth toners, that will give the brightening/tightening qualities you will crave.

The Green Tea Moisturizer is super light and quickly absorbed. Origins serum is better. I know I keep referencing back to Origins, but there is just something about those products that seem to work wonders for oily skin. Here is the link to when I received a VoxBox from Influenster.

Here is a link to purchase: Oil Be Gone Trial Kit

So whatever you do today, make it awesome for someone else too!



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