Review: Halcyon Restaurant, Flavors From the Earth

Touted as a “celebration of artisinal farms, dairies and wineries from the Carolinas and beyond,” Halcyon found themselves with 4 crazies on a recent Saturday night. Halcyon, the Greek Goddess, is a story of love and commitment. I believe that with the sights of the open kitchen, the Chef (James Stouffer), truly loves and is commitment to local food.

Chris and I are both adventurous eaters. Me, a little more on the crazy side. I love sweet breads, uni, jelly fish, etc. Chris hates salmon and if it isn’t described to him, he will try it. Craig is into anything from an animal, winery or a true winner. Think about Taylor’s Scion Tawny Port 1855. He was caught drinking from the last known bottle last night. Is your tongue wagging on that yet? Jess likes smores and the kids menu, but don’t hold that against her. We will change that in no time, as Craig and Jess will be staying with us for Memorial Day weekend! Woo hoo! Totally excited to plan this weekend’s menu!

Halcyon’s menu can be found HERE! We were all out on the town in Charlotte, NC and were ready to eat some snacks in a more quiet place. Sitting at the bar, you take in such magical kitchen sights, that truly make you want to order OOE (one of everything). The smells, the calm chef, the cleanliness are all alluring.

To get a better understanding of the menu, Craig did some ordering for us. First was some drink that no matter how bacon-y the libation was, I could not stomach it:


More power to the boys for liking it.  Instead, I opted for Jameson and water. Jess grabbed a white wine with some berries in it.

While waiting for our food to arrive, the bread was brought out with a cute paprika “H” dusted on the butter. Nice touch! I like when restaurants put a little “extra” into something so simple.
Halcyon Bread

Halcyon Snacks & Spreads $6 each 
Daily Choice Of Artisanal Cheeses and Garniture $6 each
Nothing was really described to us, so I apologize ahead of time for not having a better description other than fresh and yummy for this course. Olives were amazing, ceviche was too, but there was a yellow cheese that I need to keep the whole wheel at the house. Love when there is grain and bite back in my mouth.

Scallop & Pork Belly
Local Maitake Mushrooms. Roasted Green Onion. Spicy Aioli. 15
Well, please make sure that you find out ahead of time if someone in your party is deathly alleric to shellfish prior to ordering. Sorry Jess for pushing Craig to order those! I have no clue which boat this scallops came off of, but I want to shake that captain’s hand. Wow the texture and taste was amazing. As far as the pork belly goes, it was medium. Not cooked to medium, but just ho-hum overdone.
Halcyon Snacks

Let’s talk about my shellfish allergy for a sec. Skip to the bison if you don’t want the gross details. My allergic reaction is different than Jess’. Mine likes to play explosive intestinal games. Lots of pain, lots of poop everywhere- but only if it isn’t the freshest, most ideal conditions-type of sea life. I had ZERO reactions from this night. Zero. SCORE!

Braised Bison & Poached Egg*
Benton’s Bacon. Trumpet Mushrooms. Roasted Shallots. Baguette. 17
All gaminess was kept at a minimum. Would have liked the poached egg a little runny so that we could incorporate into the sauce, but otherwise worth ordering again. Trumpet shroomies were cooked to perfection and could have withstood a few more.
Halcyon Bison


Grilled Spring Country Sausages
Sea Island Pea Salad. Stout Mustard. Tomato Jam. 18
OMG NO! Stay away. We have no clue what it was. It was quickly taken away after it arrived. Think old feet smell and the taste was just about that. Similar to a boiled kielbasa that sat around waiting for some poor diner to order and then was boiled again to take away any remote sophistication.
**** No picture taken of this, due to having it quickly removed ****

Will we return? OMF YES ranking! Have you been here before? Or, is it on your list? Let me know in the comments below!




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