Laser Hair Removal Check In

With about four more weeks until my next session, I figured we should chat for just a sec. Now that I have been lasered 4 times, I am starting to see such an improvement when shaving. Longer times in between and no ingrown hairs after. That is really awesome! No need for “bump” cream. Nothing! The hairs do not feel thinner, just literally easier to shave.

However, I feel as if there are areas that have been “missed.” Each appointment, I have seen someone new. I really attribute the missed hairs to that, which I will address when I go back mid-March. Each Nurse Practioner had a “different style” of getting into all the nooks and crevices.

Hopefully, this whole expensive journey will be well worth it! I guess that I am more the impatient type and wish that I would see a ton of “patchy” results by now. Hoping after the fifth treatment I will. We all know shaving is such a chore!

To view my past posts on Laser Hair Removal, feel free to CLICK HERE! Let me know in the comments below if you have tried laser hair removal and what your experience was like at this stage.


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