It’s a Bright Sunday Out There! Time for Weekly Workout with Smoothie Recipe!

In keeping with the no gym, at home, no equipment theme, let’s focus on clearing our minds on this near 80F day when we walk. A new week is just about to start, and gives us a chance to prepare! I love spending the first part of the day with a workout and some deep cleaning around the house. Just puts me in such an awesome mood!

Don’t forget, these are only suggestions and am sharing with you what I am doing each week. Always consult with a doctor before entering into any workout program. If you should need modifications, feel free to reach out to me to brainstorm. I am not a personal trainer, but I am willing to always help others.

This week’s workout is pretty similar to last week, but with a couple tweaks. I really saw some improvements and want to keep up the pace! Normally, as I have 2 dogs, I would take both on a walk up the hill. Instead, one at a time to get me more conditioned on the big hill on the road.

25 Pushups- not the ones on our knees. I’m talking full ones!
50 Bicycle Kicks           45 Reverse Crunches                  45 Russian Twists

40 Standing Straight Arm Out Toe Touches
40 Alternating Standing Back Leg Lift

10 Side Plank Left Crunches              10 Side Plank Right Crunches
20sec Superman Plank (x2)               Take a 30sec break and give thanks for the awesome weather for the day!

30 Straight Leg Lifts    30 Mountain Climbers               30 Windshield Wipers
25 Clamshell Right      25 Clamshell Left                         60 Squats
Use the next 30sec break to envision a task you want to accomplish today

60 Alternating Side Lunges
30sec Wall Sit                                         60 Plie Calf Raise Pulses
50 Sumo Squats                                     60 Alternating Squatting Donkey Kicks
20 Side Lunge to Curtsy Lunge (alternating)
3 sets 30sec (30sec rest in between) of Pistol Squats

25 Pushups to end before stretching

Stretching will help increase circulation and lower your heart rate slowly. Cool-down routine will also decrease soreness. Let me know in the comments below if you would like me to add some stretching suggestions to this each week, or even as a separate post for ease of viewing.

Since Valentine’s Day is almost here, I wanted to incorporate a pink smoothie for the week. This is a doubled up recipe. I want to see if this week I can do 2 shakes per day (1 for breakfast and 1 for mid-day snack), limited dairy (only cheese for me) and more plant-based over all:

2 scoops JuicePlus Vanilla Shake Mix
1c Tropicana’s Dark Cherry Raspberry Beet Juice (label pictured)
1/2c Unsweetened Cashew Milk
8 Blackberries- they are so large at the store right now!
8 Frozen Mango Chunks- instead of ice

Cheers to a fabulous, fun-filled week!



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