Review: Trunk Club Feb 2017

Another mid-month = another TRUNK! I wish I could visit one of their Clubhouses, but just too far away. Instead, I debrief with my stylist as to what I am looking for prior to receiving a box. Carolyn is so great that she spends ample enough time on the phone and via email, prior to sending a trunk to review via their app. But, I don’t really like to review the items ahead of time, as I am the type that likes to be surprised.

Because I have been with TC for some time, I am on the old plan of zero cost ($25 now credited to what you keep) to have it sent to me, along with 5 days to make up my mind (now 3 days). Trunk Club isn’t a subscription service, as they won’t send unless I request. They are a fully owned subsidiary of Nordstrom, which carries all my best fitting brands, with price-matching. I love that they include a UPS label for ease of sending back.

For February, I requested a smaller trunk, as I have been having some issues trying to find what “holes” I have in my closet. If you wonder why I am sans makeup in the pictures, I never like to try on clothes with makeup- fearful I might get some on the tops/dresses!


Satin Trim Hoodie by Chelsea28 $89.00USD: Kept! This was an item I requested, due to the sheer tail. The fabric feels awesome, and even though it is a “sweatshirt,” I can still wear it out without feel under-dressed. It is super light pink and works well for me with either leggings or jeans. Score!


Stretch Tweed Jacket by Rebecca Taylor $525.00USD. Super ill-fitting and tweed. I just cannot do tweed and had to send back. The fit was super off. The jacket bunched up in the back and was impossible to wear that way. I am sure that it would have worked if someone was a size 2 (I am 6-8). I should have had Chris come inside to take a few pics of the back so you knew what I meant, but he’s too busy in the garage lately (more to come!!!).

Lace Off the Shoulder Sweater by Chelsea28 $79.00USD. Unfortunately, I have too many shirts with lace detail on the bottom and couldn’t justify keeping this one. But, the off the shoulder component was nice, as well as the fabric. I suggest requesting this one in your next trunk, even though it didn’t work for me.


Valencia Off the Shoulder PullOver by Free People $51.00USD. Too short for my liking. I am very long torso, and this was cut like a crop top on me! I even tried it on with high waist pants, and just couldn’t sit down in it without it riding up the sides. No thanks. I never did like the game of peek-a-boo.


Halter Neck Midi Dress by Felicity & Coco $108.00USD. This is a size medium and I couldn’t hardly slip it over my head or shoulders or booty! Couldn’t even try it on and had to send back. The cut of the dress looked amazing on the bed in the guestroom, but hey- I wanted to wear this!



Print Sheath Midi Dress by Felicity & Coco $118.00USD. Loved everything about this! I can pair with a blazer for work or wear for date night! I am really looking forward to getting a TON of wear out of this dress.


Final Thoughts: Yes I only kept 2/5, but for those 2 items, I am beyond happy! Both fit just how I like them and the picture of the dress just doesn’t do it justice on the pattern. You would have to see it in person to know what I am talking about!

To get a trunk of your own, feel free to connect with Carolyn via my referral link:

Have you tried Trunk Club before? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.




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