48hrs Review: Everlasting Clay Shampoo & Conditioner

I received a sample of this combo in the most recent issue of Glamour Magazine. It looks like Target carries the full size for $3.99USD each. I am always so hesitant to use something other than Davines with my tape in extensions from HotHeads. Even though these products are silicone free, I do not want the tapes breaking down and am fearful of losing one in between appointments. But, here goes a 48hrs review.

Per the packaging, it states “up to 48hrs purified roots + hydrated ends.” These packets are on the larger side, but it always feels as if I need way more conditioner than this to properly coat the midshaft to ends of these 20″ extensions. In the shower, it reminds me of most of Loreal’s scents. Shampoo lather is super sudsy in the shower and must like my hard water. No tingle or anything that feels like I’m rubbing clay into my hair. The formula feels the same as any shampoo in their line that I’ve tried and rinses completely clean.

Just as I suspected, there isn’t enough product in the conditioner packet to cover anything more than the bottom 2-3″ of hair. No worries, as it is still enough to be able to give a proper assessment. I always clip up my hair to finish the rest of my shower to allow for the conditioner to do its job (or I hope it does). The conditioner did rinse within seconds after turning the water to my normal icy cold. More hydrating conditioners take a little longer and allow me to finger comb in the shower. This one didn’t, but it could be merely due to not coating the midshafts as well.

Without using any leave in conditioners, detanglers, etc, the paddlebrush actually swiped through without many snags. Hmmmm. My scalp is actually really clean after a full week’s worth of torture- dry shampoos, shine sprays, thermal sprays and an abundance of other products.

I absolutely CANNOT STAND having to dry this mop. So, I actually left the house with a wet head and went to the grocery store with the car roof open. No extra tangles and in the harsh grocery store lighting, the blue streaks in my hair “popped” more. Must have had product build up and didn’t realize!

Unfortunately, I was too chicken not to use a thermal spray midshaft to ends. But, that is the only product I am using on this Saturday. While we went out for drinks with friends, I noticed I was finger combing more than usual. Not to get knots out, but because I liked how nice my hair was feeling.

Sunday morning I woke up with the same ‘do and no need for touchups unless I wanted pin straight hair again. Unfortunately, by 3pm, I was having to add oil to my ends and dry shampoo to the roots. I had lost all volume at that point.

I don’t think that the conditioner performed up to my hydrating standards, but let’s make a fair assumption that I didn’t have enough product in the sample to really know how it would work on extensions.

I really like how well Davines’ products perform and think that I will stick to the Nou Nou Hair Mask. Although the shampoo didn’t allow me to get to 3 days before needing dry shampoo, I don’t find that to be a deal breaker. It’s only the first time trying this product and I’m sure my scalp needs to get used to it.

Final update- Loreal’s claims are true! I went to the store to buy the shampoo (with the $2 off coupon) and much to my delight- they have a dry shampoo in the line! There is also a pre-treatment in the line, but I could not find this in stores. When I take the extensions out for summer, I will revisit the conditioner.

I do love the packaging color. Greenery is Pantone’e Color of the Year.


Let me know in the comments below if you have tried this line and if it works better on natural hair.

xoxoxoJessica- Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!


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