#OolaChallenge Day 25: Balance in Your Week

Good afternoon all you lovelies!

Do you ever feel like you put so much of yourself into something or someone that you start losing a little bit of who you are?

The more dedicated to, and passionate we get about some things, the more we find ourselves sacrificing other things here and there for it. Sometimes the more we want something to work or be successful, the less balanced we get. It’s like we put everything into the growing part of Oola and forget about the balancing part. For some of us this could be our own business or our new position at work. For others of us it could be a relationship.

So… Today’s #OolaChallenge is to schedule and commit to doing two small acts of balance this week. If you’ve stopped hanging out with your friends so you can work more, schedule a coffee date with a friend this week as your act of balance. If you find yourself skipping the gym, complete a workout this week as an act of balance.

Write down your commitments and keep yourself accountable. As we put time into, and pursue things and people that mean a lot to us, it’s important to realize what the OolaGuru says about opportunities, “they are infinite, they aren’t finite.” So don’t lose yourself in the pursuit of something. Instead, embrace the humbling moments that expose your imbalances, because growth comes easier when you’re dedicated to balancing your life.

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