Laser Hair Removal Part 2- The Anticipation

OK so I am not someone that has anxiety, but wow, just sitting here waiting for the next 3hrs is killing me.

Let’s address all the prep for when one goes for underarms and Brazilian. I haven’t worked up the courage yet for anything else. Which, one might say, those two areas are scary enough.

The closer the shave the better. Let’s just start there. Use a new razor and get to town- especially when you are Italian and it grows everywhere. Make sure you remove all your deodorant of the day, and be calm walking into that MedSpa. The laser needs to be able to “see” all of your follicles, no matter how deep they lie.

Take the time to research the correct place to go. I sought out somewhere that is about 45mins from me, that understands what it means go through this! Let’s pray together that tonight isn’t too painful. Meet you back here for all the details!

To read Part 1- view it HERE!


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