Laser Hair Removal Part 1

Do not- I repeat DO NOT- let anyone fool you into thinking this shit does not hurt. Liars everywhere! So now that I am having a ball thinking of all the yoga poses I normally do in the shower to remove these Italian hairs.

It is everywhere and horrible for me. I’m pretty sure I came out of the womb having to shave. It has always been demotivational putting on a bathing suit after a shower and seeing it all starting to grow back.

Over this past summer, and being on the lake constantly, that I decided I am truly over this “shit.” Saw ad on Facebook and decided after a week’s worth of research, that I was going to bite the bullet and fork out a ton of cash to get that hair-free supermodel look. Not like I was going to work out to get the supermodel body with it, but I would at least not have stubble 2mins after a shower.

Preparation is key to the laser being able to find your follicles. I do recommend shaving like crazy to make sure that you get every single last hair. Every video on YouTube always talks about this, so I guess I should mention it too on here. I know that I am leaving a TON of details out on this post, but it is really so that you can do your own research. Find out which laser is right for you. Then, find the most reputable location possible. I drive an hour to mine and do not go to the closest to me. Here is where I have chosen my torture: Sona Med Spa of Huntersville NC

I remember my first appt (consultation) like it was yesterday . I was told pain free, but I could opt for numbing cream in case I did feel anything. Liar liar pants on fire, sales gal! The nurse practitioner went to town on my underarms and all I could do was nervous laugh. With a quick glance, she asked if I was ready for the Brazilian area. “F— that!” was my quick response. I quickly left after ordering the numbing cream. I highly suggest you do the same prior to experiencing it for yourself.

No results after the first torture test. However, I knew that I would not see anything yet. Have you tried it? What are your thoughts? My promise to you is to keep blogging about this subject until every single one of those pesky critters are gone! Cheers!



4 thoughts on “Laser Hair Removal Part 1

    1. It totally hurts! Don’t let anyone fool you! But it’s so worth it. I go again Tuesday and will blog again after to let you know how it goes. Have a fabulous Sunday and don’t forget to add some glitter to it!


  1. Lol lol ummm, yes it does hurt but, not like fists up ready to hit, hurt. I had upper lip(mustache for petes sake) and that is a very sensitive area. I found a lot of redness and dry skin in that area, several months later. So, that’s what I got out of it, and some major darkie hairs gone. 😍


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