Laser Hair Removal Session #4

So I double and triple checked while at Sona MedSpa tonight- I have only had 4 out of 7 treatments thus far. It seems like 8 kabillion, so it must be that “new math” they are teaching kids these days. After the 7th, they provided a couple free touchups IF needed.

IF you are looking for an expert, and live relatively close to one of their locations, please have a consult. It’s free. I did my research and would love that you would as well. I drive at least 45mins (depending on traffic) each way every time I put myself through this torture. The Nurse Practioners that I visit with, always want to make sure that I am OK. If it gets to be too much, then of course they let me take a break.

Now onto tonight’s experience- DIFFERENT! I don’t know if it is due to putting the numbing cream (combo of benzocaine/lidocaine/tetracaine) on 5hrs prior, or maybe we truly have killed some of those pesky hair follicles that seem to sprout out every which way. But, be aware that they say the numbing cream only needs an hour. Not true. It needs to be thick enough to ball up, feel like you crapped your pants and that your vagina is non-existent. Underarms- ehhh I put a less amount. Still balls up and does it’s job, but that isn’t the most sensitive area when it compares┬áto touching the bikini.

Is the $1300 worth all of this? Absolutely! I don’t care that once I get home that it feels like I am about to have a ton of ingrown hairs, lightning rods still zapping me, or that Chris has to stay away from me. I keep my eye on the prize- that bikini for this summer that I will not have to worry about looking like I haven’t shaved in days.

Let me know in the comments if you have had this done or thinking about it. What has your experience been like?



One thought on “Laser Hair Removal Session #4

  1. I have my second treatment on Tuesday. I am only doing a Brazilian for now and the first session was uncomfortable-especially the straight butt hole shot that caused me to scream and jump off the table. I would say slightly more uncomfortable than being tattooed. The numbing cream definitely helps, I can’t imagine trying without it.


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