#OolaChallenge Day 13-Replace Doubt with Courage

Catch up on Day 12 HERE!

I am proud of all of you who sacrificed something small yesterday for something bigger for your future! As I was praying about this some more this morning, I realized about all the time Chris and I spend away from each other on the daily. Could be work. Could be that he has a build to work on at someone else’s shop that he has to travel to. Either way, thanks God for letting me realize that it is a sacrifice for something better in our future together. Fist bump!

Day 13: We all have things we decide we are going to do and we pursue them relentlessly until we do it. No failure, pain, heartache, or challenge will keep us from it. Then there are other things in our lives that we tell ourselves we can’t do. We aren’t talking about the things we shouldn’t do, we are talking about good things in our lives that we don’t feel we are worthy of or capable of.

So…Today’s #OolaChallenge is to replace your doubt with 20 seconds of courage. Here’s how. First, think of the thing you tell yourself you can’t do. You may tell yourself you’ll never get that promotion, you’ll never be debt free, you’ll never get married or find love, you’ll never be able to trust again, etc.

Once you’ve thought of that thing, write it down. Next, choose 1 or 2 OolaBlockers that are holding you back from believing that you are worthy and capable. The 7 most common OolaBlockers are fear, guilt, anger, self-sabotage, laziness, envy, and lack of focus. Once you know your 1 or 2, write those down too.

Thirdly, we want you to write 3 good things that would come if you did what you say you can’t do. Once you have all 3 parts written down, we want you to cross out the OolaBlockers, re-read the three positive things, and take 20 seconds of courage to tell yourself, “All things are possible.” as you tear up that paper and throw it away. We encourage you to remind yourself of this every time you start saying you can’t do something that will lead you closer to your #OolaLife. Remember that in these moments – believing looks less like optimism and more like courage.

xoxoxoxo Jessica

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