5 thoughts on “Sephora Play- Jan 2017 Sneak Peek!

  1. Got mine today! My second play box and also the second time I met the mailman as I was getting in my car for work 😂 ab to shower and facial and def incorporating the Ouai, Tarte Stick, and drunk elephant cream into my routine!! Haha I already smell like Torrey birch and my lips are berry stained and soft 😁 yay this will be you tomorrow!! Happy unboxing 💄💅🏽🛁🙆🏻


    1. Omg I can hardly wait! I’m literally so excited I’m pouring lavender oil all over everything hoping I’ll fall asleep 😴 It’s almost 1am and I never stay up like this! Just means an eye mask tomorrow while trying out all these goodies. What did you think of the Tarte Stick? Super jazzed about that one! Have a fabulous weekend! Cheers! 💕💄💋🤳

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  2. I really like the tarte stick! I didn’t really use the actual stick to scrub my face- I did at first and then just used my fingers to scrub as there was plenty of product on my face…. it left my face feeling squeaky clean so I made sure to moisturize a ton after. I also used a cleansing oil before. I hope you got some rest! I was such a stalker with this box too 🙃 did it come yet?! Describe your experience!

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