Weekly Short Workout- Jan 15th

Don’t fret if you fell off the wagon this week!

I know I absolutely did and cannot believe the change in my look- for the worse! Now that we are on our way of getting over it, let’s amp it up. Why should we ever just settle? That bikini doesn’t look good on the hanger, but it WILL look great on you this summer!

Get yourself in a groove. Totally helps! Even if you have to wake up 15mins each day this week, do it so that you have time for your muscles! I do not do anything crazy for workouts, so don’t go there. I listen to my body and she lets me know what can work for the moment.

Previous workout entailed: Get Up and Get Movin’ Ya’ll

30 Crunches                                                       30 Gran Plie in 2nd Position
30 Reverse Crunches                                      30 Arabasque
30sec Plank                                                         30sec Plank
Swear and die                                                   30 Reverse Crunches again
30 Pushups                                                         30 Mountain Climbers
30 Donkey Kicks (x2)

Now let’s make it harder for this week to catch up! Take that same workout and add after 30 Mountain Climbers:

The holiday season is the toughest time of the year to stay on track. If you can't skip the high-piled holiday plates, simply commit to burning off all those additional calories with this high intensity workout routine! http://www.spotebi.com/workout-routines/at-home-high-intensity-routine/:

I found the above on Pinterest and it really got me thinking- and MOVIN’ this morning Ya’ll!

What are you doing today to keep on track? Follow me and comment below!

xoxoxoxo Jessica

5 thoughts on “Weekly Short Workout- Jan 15th

  1. I wish I could run again! Years I was during martial arts training, and had to give it up due to the Crohn’s. Now, for my body, I need to stick with no equipment workouts while I try to heal. Cheers and have an exciting day!


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