My Diet Trial & Error with Crohn’s Disease- Part 1

As I have previously shared, I have a sucky intestinal issue (Crohn’s Disease) that prevents me from ever feeling the greatest me. However, I am always on a trial and error path to see what might work. Usually I will try anything for about 10 days to be able to determine if I will have some relief.

2017 to me, means my year of rising up and being unstoppable. Probably should get a diet in check to be able to do so, huh? No more priority of others over my goals. If you are doing that also, just know, we are better than that!

I believe most of us strive to live a healthier lifestyle. Finding the right place to start is a challenge, if not impossible with autoimmune.┬áStress always seems to stay in my gut and have it’s own version of Sunday football going on in there. Chris is amazing and takes on most of life’s stress, but there is always career stress too. However, having no children does help the situation. Did I mention I have fur babies?

Eating right, exercising regularly, and still making time for family, friends and our own needs can seem like overwhelming goals. I am an only child, with super awesome parents. So, that does help on the family side. Moving to the Lake Norman area, and barely knowing anyone has some upsides. No drama like back in NY! Less stress = I can eat some farm fresh foods & supplements I haven’t been able to in years.

Instead of attempting to conquer our health all at once, what if you started by setting more manageable goals?

Sundays are an awesome day to set your goals for the week. Write them down somewhere that you will be able to see them up close and personal. Heck, why not blog about them too? Follow me to read about my journey!

xoxoxox Jessica


2 thoughts on “My Diet Trial & Error with Crohn’s Disease- Part 1

  1. I have never been diagnosed with Chron’s, but I feel I do have it. I, too, have started to eat healthier and exercise. I wish you the best in your battle. I will be following your blog, hoping that maybe you come up with the perfect elixer that will fix us all!

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