Get Up and Get Moving Ya’ll!

First things first… get up in the morning and get that blood flowing! Trust me, no matter how much you think it sucks getting up early and doing a quick workout, just do it as Nike says! Your body and mind will thank you. From one of my previous posts, here is a quick little workout:

30 Crunches                                                       30 Gran Plie in 2nd Position
30 Reverse Crunches                                      30 Arabasque
30sec Plank                                                         30sec Plank
Swear and die                                                   30 Reverse Crunches again
30 Pushups                                                         30 Mountain Climbers
30 Donkey Kicks

3mins Meditation while deeply inhaling some Frankincense from your diffuser of choice. Use this time to think of the day. How will you make an impact on those around you?

Here is the link to the essential oil I am using. I do not sell, I only use “some” as I always say: Mountain Rose Herbs Frankincense Essential Oil. My cute little diffuser that I am enjoying in the home office:Cute Little Elephant Diffuser

Since I am off today, I am totally taking advantage of the time to do some serious cleaning. Chris and I are planning on having a couple friends over for New Years’ Eve and I cannot have the house covered in dog hair. Us girls are always looking for an excuse to get dressed up and try out some new wines from the cellar. How are you spending your New Years? I would love to hear!

Have a fantastic morning everyone! How do you get your day going?

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