Drybar’s Detox Dry Shampoo

Background on my hair: I have always always always been recognized by my hair. Whether it is curly, straight, beach waves or bed head, there was a lot that went into it. I usually will create a scorecard in which there are 5-6 items rated each day before I can go to work in the home office or maybe leave the house (very rarely do I get the chance to leave).

  1. Which products will I pull out of the drawer today? How happy am I with them and how badly do they want to work for me?
  2. Which appliances & brushes will I pull out of the drawer today? When was the last time I cleaned them?
  3. When is the last time I washed it and how bad is the bed head if not washed today?
  4. Non-negotiable: Make it personal. Am I different than everyone else?
  5. Did I spend extra time & effort on the back?

My all over natural hair is dyed Jet Black. Don’t ask dye color as I have no clue what my stylist mixes up for me every 8wks. I am chrome underneath all this dye and extensions. I don’t call it gray, because it sounds so negative/old. Then, here comes my true love: HotHeads Hair Extensions If you have never heard of them before, do your research. I have been wearing only theirs and am insanely happy with their tape ins. Currently, I have 2 packs of Black and 2 Packs of their Blue. Any questions about them- feel free to chat with me. Every 8-10wks I get them re-taped and looking glam. I do not wash my whole head every day. Not even every other day. I only have to wash the top part of my head every few days. Sundays are the day for tubby time, hair mask, deep clean the house and super cleanse my hair. Hence, the need for super awesome dry shampoo.

I am obsessed with subscription boxes. I love Sephora and of course had to jump on the fact that they have a monthly box as well. Here is a link to Sephora Play This month, they sent to me Detox Dry Shampoo

I have not tried any of this brand, so I am deff excited to give it a shot! Says to give it a good shake- check! Spray 4-6in from your hair, focusing on the roots. Wait…. What just happened at this step? My hair is white! Don’t freak out! It must be one of those dry shampoos that need to dry down and then rub vigorously prior to a good brushing. No issues. I am patient with products (just not really anything else). Gives me a couple minutes to change laundry and make sure I have everything in the shower already that I would like to use. Now I’m perplexed at the fact that my hair is even more white. Some dry shampoos are better off used prior to going to sleep. I have a feeling that this product will fit into that category. Morning routine just is not the ideal time to use this. Even after clipping up with a shower cap on, taking a shower, moisturizing, vigorous rub, my black hair is still white. But, what is interesting about this microfine rice powder, is my hair feels amazing. Yes it absorbed any trace of oil, but it has volume WITH moisture. This is interesting!

Fast forward to how I got rid of the white- simple and easy! I styled my hair for a few minutes with a round brush. No need for any other products! Wow- we might be onto something. I will need to use it a couple more times for a full decision, but as long as I stay calm- I think Sephora Play might be onto something! Cheers!


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