Awaken Essential Oil During the Interview Process

Remember my post on Field by Oola and my situation of going through a career/employer change? If you didn’t catch it, see it HERE! Well, I need a little support today. It is now at the point of insane panic mode in my career search. I have found the ULTIMATE role, but just have such a block in my mind that they will not think I am the ULTIMATE fit. We all get to this point. You want it so badly, that you just don’t know what you will ever do if you receive that dreaded rejection notice.

I know some might think that I might be going a little overboard or even dramatic. But, when Chris and I started talking about making the move down, I immediately burst with I want to work for X company if anything ever happens! Their brand is beyond anything one could hope for to be a part of. The company culture makes for the feeling of, I have finally found home & family. Do you see why I say that this is my dream? I have always watched their career page, and now that this role is available, I am humbled that they responded to my application. There is just an abundance of opportunity for me to shine!

Today, I am coating myself and house with Awaken. Topically, I have applied it to the bottoms of my feet, temples, back of my neck, spine, heart- basically took a bath in it! Chris and I are having some allergy issues with all this pollen, that we are diffusing in lavender, peppermint, copaiba and lemon near the front door. In the living room, I have Awaken going (where I am sitting and shaking for now). Of course, I am not able to sit for long. So, I popped on my favorite diffuser necklace with a drop of Awaken to carry me throughout the day.

Writing this post today is actually helping me to (somewhat) calm. Ever since my last meeting with this employer on Friday at 9am, I couldn’t focus on anything else other than, what happens if they reject me? Basically, I ruined the weekend. All I could do was lay as perfectly still as possible, while trying not to jump with every email notification.

Being in Talent Acquisition for so many years, never gave me full scope of what a candidate goes through. I have interviewed thousands upon thousands of candidates over the years. I have had many cry when I called with the inevitable. But, I have had so many cry with joy when I said that they were the “fit” we were looking for.

Per Young Living’s Website: Awaken™ is a blend of five other blends. Expertly formulated to help you become aware of limitless potential when used aromatically, Awaken is the first step toward making positive life changes.

Here is a closer look at all of the blends in this little bottle of goodness:
JOY– Invites togetherness, romance, bliss and warmth. So many use this to uplift and brighten the heart. Honestly, I haven’t used this one yet, as I feel it is kinda gimmicky.

FORGIVENESS– Release negativity and let go of the past. This helps in the career search to get out of the mindset that you are a part of a riff. Releasing those negative feelings is important when trying to reach for the highest personal growth status. You do not want to appear angry at your past employer. On the flip side, you do want to appear that you have grown from them.

PRESENT TIME– Uplifting and helps to encourage you to be in the moment. Being in the moment will help you to get over the past. So let’s move forward! Anything to lift my spirits is a welcomed attribute.

DREAM CATCHER– May open your mind to realizing your dreams and how to get there. In many ways, we wonder, how will we be fulfilled during our search for that “right” opportunity. Will something better come along?

HARMONY– Supports energy balance and feelings of well being. If we do not feel “together,” then we will not be able to concentrate on showing ourselves as the “best” candidate. I am absolutely trying to hold it together for the next few days while all candidates go through the final process. God has a plan for this stage. I just know He does.

With all of those blends, there’s actually over 50 oils! Huge bang for your buck!

If you would like to grab a bottle for yourself, purchase HERE!
Pricing: 5 ml (#3349) Sponsor/Enroller ID: 10289088
Retail: $26.97 USD
Wholesale: $20.50 USD

Thank you everyone for reading along about this hiccup in my career. Let me know in the comments below if there is something else that you use to get you through this stage of the interview process. I am all ears! Or, if you have any questions on how to interview and there is something I can mentor you on, feel free to reach out anytime!


Disclaimer- I have added a ton of links in this post to Young Living- my oils of choice that I have purchased. If you would like to get a starter kit from me, have no fears! I will walk you through everything and you will join our community of oily users looking to get some of the toxic “funk” out of our lives. Plus, I am here personally for you every step of the way. Let’s go on this journey together!


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