Laser Hair Removal 5th Visit

I cannot express how much I love Becky at Sona MedSpa in the Lake Norman area. She deals with me and my squirming. I truly hope some day that I see her out to say thank her for dealing with me and my sensitive lady parts. Or, when she has to move around these slinky boobs to get all of my underarms. She deserves a drink!

I cannot believe how much that this whole process is painfully sucky. Even with the numbing cream, I am swearing like a sailor while I feel the laser searching out every little hair follicle. Honestly, Becky does have me out of there in a flash. She does make me feel covered up, even though we all know that I am not.

But, there has to be a light at the end of the tunnel, right?

When we last spoke (catch up HERE), I was mentioning about how I am void of ingrown hairs at this stage. That is still correct, but I am not seeing any further decrease in hair or hair follicles. Still a slim chance that the hairs are finer and less coarse. Little disappointed that boating season is just about here and I am not further along. I would love to be able to minimally shave and throw that bikini on.

Becky thinks 2 more visits is all that I will need. My next visit is in 10 weeks. To me, I think that I just have so much hair (ewww I know right!) and that those hairs are anchored into follicles that run really deep, that I should be going every 6 weeks. However, she is the professional and I have to trust in her guidance.

Despite the pain, I would go monthly if I was guaranteed more success. Or, even three weeks when follicles start to regrow. After each visit, the areas are pretty red. No blistering. But, I am able to exfoliate in about 24hrs. Shaving needs to wait about 48hrs, as the areas that I chose (underarms and brazilian) to seem a little sensitive at the 2 day mark.

Let me know in the comments below if you have been through this process and what your experience has been like!


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