Review: Urban Decay’s Vice Liquid Lipstick in Conspiracy

Obsession! No, like I need to order a case in fear of ever running out. Heavily metallized to the point where I giggled when removed and went to bed with glitter residue. Hey I love glitter! But, not the best when it is everywhere. I had 10hrs of wear (see picture below) along with being a habitual coffee drinker, tons of no transfer kisses, one bloody mary (small rocks glass/no straw), drinking water through a straw, 2 rounds of nachos and a craving of mac n cheese.

UD Conspiracy 2

Per Ulta’s website, Conspiracy is listed as plum bronze shimmer, waterproof and life proof. Pretty accurate! I love the flocked paddle applicator. It ensures that there is an even application with no clumps of glitter. Once out of the tube distributed enough product for top and bottom lip.

Let’s get back to the removal. I don’t know if it is just me and that I wore it on top of another liquid lipstick (Anastasia’s Sepia), or what happened, but it took a while to remove. Normally, straight coconut oil, warmed between my hands, is how I start my makeup removal process. This time, I figured that with all the face touchups (super oily skin) I went through yesterday, I would use my DIY whipped coconut sugar scrub (let me know if you would like my recipe). Here’s the funny part- after scrubbing, Conspiracy barely budged. Some of the glitter moved, but all pigment was there. I grabbed straight sugar and toothbrush at that point.

To test further, I swatched on my hand Conspiracy as well as another UD Vice Liquid Lipstick (BlackMail is a deep burgundy wine), Tartiest Lip Paint (Acid Wash is a black cherry shade), and headed to bed. I didn’t expect to post this pic, otherwise I would have taken the time to make it nicer and tape off my hand while doing it. But, you will at least get the gist that this morning, I awoke to Conspiracy and Blackmail looking fine and dandy. Acid Wash, on the other hand, moved, became patchy and settled into the fine lines of the back of my hand.
Swatches Overnight

I have seen others talk about the formula to UD’s Vice Liquid Lipsticks and not being happy, but IMO, I found my Holy Grail!

Let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are on Urban Decay’s Vice Liquid Lipsticks! Or, is there another brand I should be obsessing over?


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