Sunday Workout & Smoothie Recipe- March 12th

Another week is upon us! Chris and I woke up to about 1in of snow this morning! In about an hour it should all be melted, with no more in the forecast for the week. Can summer just arrive already? We are looking forward to boating season on our beloved Lake Norman.

With that being said, let’s continue on working on this bikini body with our no gym/no equipment morning workout If you would like to catch up on last week’s workout, CLICK HERE!

100 Jumping Jacks                                                   60sec Running In Place
60sec High Knees                                                    60 Mountain Climbers
25 Push Ups                                                               25 Inch Worms
60 Alternating Cross Body Mountain Climbers

60 Crunches                                                               60 Reverse Crunches
60 Bicycle Crunches                                                60 Knee Tucks (Seated)
60 Reverse Crunches                                               60sec V Hold

65 Right Leg Raises                                                 65 Left Leg Raises
60 Sumo Squats                                                       25 Rolling Squats
100 Back Leg Lifts (50 each leg)                          60 Butt Bridges
60 Curtsy Lunges                                                     60 Walking Lunges
25 Burpees                                                                 15 Windshield Wipers

25 Pushups before stretches and diffusing some frankincense essential oil to get me through the morning. Moving the clocks forward stinks!

Always, don’t forget to stretch, consult with a doctor, as this is just what I am doing this week. Do I think that I will have a Victoria Secret body after a week? Heck no!! I just do this to keep my heart and body healthy for the rest of the time that I am in it. plus, it is an added bonus if I look awesome in a bikini, as I feel awesome inside.

Trying a non-blender smoothie this week, as I am super on the go lately. At least one shake per day is making such a difference in how I feel, my skin and especially my hair! Have had some digestion issues with all our awesome family members that came to visit Tuesday-Saturday. Deff ate poorly and my intestines are not the happiest campers. Ginger essential oil  (Member #10289088) seems to be able to promote healthier digestion and orange essential oil pairs well to help with overall wellness. As with all essential oils, please do your research and feel free to reach out to me if you should have any questions! (

1 drop Orange Essential Oil
1 drop Ginger Essential Oil
1 scoop JuicePlus+ French Vanilla Complete Shake Mix
1 cup Fresh Orange Juice
2T Noosa Orange Ginger Yogurt
Feel free to add a tablespoon or two of water if too thick. I tossed everything in a shaker bottle and away we went!

Have Sunday Everyone! What are your plans for the day?





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