Copaiba Essential Oil- Comparison of 2 Companies


There have been some studies done and some opinions posted out there about Copaiba Essential Oil that it contains properties to help reduce pain & inflammation, infection and improve skin/hair health. An “oily” friend recommends for headaches to massage in a drop or two of peppermint on the forehead & temples, then use Copaiba over the top to “drive in” the headache relieving properties of peppermint. Just don’t get it near your eyes! Owie!

Copaiba Young Living Pricing(USD) (Sponsor/Enroller ID: 10289088):
15 ml (#3431)
$56.58 USD
$43.00 USD

Copaiba Vitality Young Living Pricing(USD) (Sponsor/Enroller ID: 10289088):
(#5632) 5mL
$28.29 USD
$21.50 USD

Copaiba Mountain Rose Herbs Pricing (USD): Super AMAZING pricing!
15mL $4.50
1oz $8.00
4oz $27.25

8oz $47.50
16oz $76.75


When researching the difference between the two Young Living Copaiba’s, it appears no difference other than size and FDA compliance. I know that some ingest this oil, but I just don’t have the “guts” to do so. I’d rather use it topically or aromatically. I’ve owned the two for about 3wks, and felt I could finally write this post.


First impressions when sniffing straight out of the bottles of the Copaiba Vitality and the Copaiba from MRH, they smell like 2 completely different oils. The YL Vitality is pleasant and smells as if it could be used as a light base in some expensive perfumes. When I have a migraine, I do not want something that has a super strong scent to it adding to the nausea.


I think that the Copaiba from MRH will have a nice home in the diffuser/dog pile and the YL will stay in the natural topical pile. But, the dogs have a completely different opinion. They are super attracted to Mountain Rose Herbs and shy away from Young Living.


Chris and I have two beautiful Shiba Inus, Kashi & KoKo. Kashi has a tendency to perform a “magnificent dance” after pottying to disperse her scents around. Well, she has a habit of doing it so strongly, that she gets little muscle pulls. By diluting peppermint 50% with coconut oil, then adding Copaiba on top as a magnifier, no slow sitting for the rest of the day. Prior to family coming into town this week, I was diffusing Copaiba in their room to keep the anxiousness down. Score!


Talk about using in a diffuser- I did notice less snoring when diffused at night with lavender. Less snoring = better sleeping for Chris and myself. Chris has been suffering from allergies, so diffusing a mix of lemon, lavender, peppermint and copaiba seems to do the trick during the day. Now, if only I could get him to use a rollerball of this, he could see the benefits of healthy living with essential oils.


Have you used Copaiba Essential Oil before? Let me know in the comments below how you use it. Or, feel free to reach out to me directly if you should have any essential oil questions and I will point you to some great resources that I’ve found.






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