Review: SpaRoom Car Diffuser from Saffron Spalon & Herbs Co

Recently, I grabbed this beauty from Saffron Spalon & Herbs Co. Little background- I drive a Lexus. Not because I am stuffy or rich money-wise, but because of how insanely priced she was brand spanking new for a hybrid. I couldn’t find a better deal at the time. I am not the car type, but when my butt warmer is on, I am a happy girl. I love diffusing essential oils, wearing diffuser jewelry (yes I make my own), cleaning with essential oils, etc etc etc. The list just goes on now that I have experienced more.

I contacted the owner (Jennifer), as I was super nervous about using a car diffuser. All the other car diffusers that I have researched, require water and spray up in the air. Ummm nope, not on that leather. But, she insisted this one is different and I would not have to worry about staining.

The SpaRoom AromaFresh Car Diffuser ($22.95USD) does not require water. There is a well where you add 2-3 drops of essential oil and this little puppy gently warms the oil. It produces a soft scent throughout the car. There is a super convenient spot to store your bottle of essential oil. If it is a 5mL, right side up. If 15mL, turn upside down. We live on a decent incline of a road. There was no spillage at all of oil from the open well, as you can tilt the diffuser. I wish that my mother would use this, as it would make a perfect birthday present for her (coming up in April).

Highly recommend Saffron Spalon & Herbs Co. My diffuser and bottle of Lemongrass Essential Oil (my scent theme of the week in the house) arrived beyond fast. Almost to the point where I felt like she hand delivered to my mailbox via fairy dust magic fast. I cannot wait to purchase again from this company! Plus, I love when owners are passionate and knowledgeable. Thank you to Jennifer for answering all of my questions! Cheers!

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