Violets and Citrus Mint

I love having the option of bar soap and shower gel in the shower. Sometimes I use one or the other. Sometimes I use both. Who knows what kind of mood I am going to be in during those 8mins. Either way, I want scent combos that I can still detect long after. Plus, it is an added bonus that the bathroom smells great while getting ready.

Here are the two I’m crushing on this week:

Don’t Rain on My Parade by Lush Cosmetics ($12.95USD)See it here! Super watery compared to their other shower gels, but I make it work with my handy-dandy charcoal sponge. The lather is great, so do not be afraid of that consistency. Violets are great for relaxing but are uplifting at the same time. The blueberry juice has antioxidant properties and I love when it is found in skincare.

Citrus Mint Zum Bar by Indigo Wild ($5.95USD)Check it out! This soap is awesome for congested skin. The lather is insanely good, almost to the point of too good! Great job guys on your formulation! Don’t forget, this one isn’t vegan. It does have a great moisturizing base of goat milk.

Hope you’re having a fantastic week!

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