Review: Be Mine Luminizing Powder by Clare Blanc Minerals

I love the effects that I always see on others when it comes to highlighting/strobing. Unfortunately, I just could never find the right color after Mac Cosmetics discontinued Silver Dusk. It had just the right amount of silver flecks to illuminate all of my high points. I am now down to my last jar while searching Mr. Right Highlighter. I do have a nice little collection in the vanity, but can hardly use any in the winter months.

Yes, I do try to stay out of the sun and always wear SPF. But, it is inevitable when you are a power boater, and live on the lake, to get that dreaded sun tan on your face. Most highlighters/illuminators/luminizers are for those a couple shades darker than I, since there are so many gold tones on the market today. Hence, that is why such products work better for me during the summer months.

Couple quick terms to think about:
Highlighter = Hit that forehead, cheekbone, eyes, browbone, center of nose, cupids bow (philtrum), chin, wherever with your white/pink glow (cross your fingers) they can see from the moon
Illuminator = Mix in with your foundation for an all over glow or use as a base under your foundation/concealer from a glow within perspective
Luminizer = Best of both Highlighter and Illuminator for shine payoff

Per Clare Blanc Minerals’ website, they are super eco friendly & use only natural ingredients. This is important to my core values. Yes, I am in HR, but I am also come from the solar industry. If I am fighting for a difference, then I want others to join me. Clare Blanc is also about empowerment, showing your beauty (not a mask), and caring about their customers.


If you have sensitive or are allergic to other makeup companies, check them out! There’s a ton of vitamins and amino acids in each of their mineral based products that are quite good for slowing down the aging process. SCORE!

When applying the minerals, yes there is going to be fall out. However, since I have used many different mineral based loose products, my tip is to spray a setting spray on your brush or face, then apply. My preferred method, is to spray my face 4-5times, wait until almost dry, and use a dense fiber brush to apply luminizer.

Be Mine ($3.90-$49.90USD) is quite shockingly pretty. I was a skeptic. Looking at it in the packaging, I was thinking that quite possibly nothing will show up. Boy did they prove me wrong! There are super small flecks of silver and no gold. The base color looks ivory in the sifter jar, but on the skin it is more fluid silver. Yes, one can blur and blend out to a dewy finish, but packing on to see the tip of my nose from the moon is more my style. So achieveable with this formula! What also turned out super pretty, was I add a little into a lipgloss to create a whole new color. No cakiness felt. It is just that versatile!

We all know I have beyond oily skin. I cry about it all the time in each of these posts, but this bad boy did not migrate or become an oil slick. After a full day and then going out at night, no touch ups needed (except lips). This luminizer is a SCORE! I freaking love it! Better yet- woke up the next day with no “friends” on my face!


To view Be Mine on their website, CLICK HERE!  Yes, I did receive this for free in a PR package, however these are strictly my opinions, and I was not paid for my reviews.

Have you tried their product line before? Let me know in the comments below what you think! I did receive other items, but I like to play first prior to giving a review. Follow me to watch for those coming up shortly.

IG & Twitter: @jessicayanus

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