Ardell Lashes #204

Little bit of a back story- I always use Duo Lash Glue. I have never found anything else that compares. If you know of something, please let me know in the comments below! I am always willing to try something new!

I think I found this set of lashes at Target, but don’t quote me. Application was a little funky. Here’s why. The band. It is super thick. I prefer lashes that are lighter at the band and do not feel like I am wearing lashes. Plus, when it is thicker, one has to apply more glue with potential to rip out some natural lashes during removal.

They looked AH-MAZING on!


Now comes to the weird part. When I clean my lashes, I carefully peel off the glue. Then, I place it over my left index finger, grip with left thumb and remove any makeup with a QTip soaked in eye makeup remover. This set of lashes lost it’s original curve and structure. They became fluffy! If you look at the Featured Image, the cleaned pair is on the left. IMO, I like the fluffier version better in person and the right for pictures! Either way, I don’t care about the weight, I think I have found my go to lashes! Hurray!

Has anyone else had this issue before? Let me know!


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