The Bachelor- Bye Corinne, Hello Finland

During last night’s episode, Corinne grew on Chris and I did a happy dance that Nick finally said BYE BYE! Let’s face it, the relationship between Corinne and Nick just never felt right. I think it played into a part of a man’s brain that spells “short term.” Nick needs someone that is grounding, humble and long term. Quick question- how long of a nap do you think she got in in the limp on the way to the airport?

Now the three remaining contestants are in Finland and we are finding ourselves thinking… we really don’t know much about Finland! Here are some fun facts that we researched:

People of Finland drink more coffee per person than any other country- really? I bet I have them beat with my sometimes 2 pots a day

Home of Nokia = no pay phones. Are there any pay phones left in the world?

In the winter, the sun never reaches the horizon- think Arctic Circle

Known as the Land of a Thousand Lakes- but there’s actually 187,888

Speeding ticket fines are dependent upon how much you make

The best one I could find? Donald Duck comics were banned because he doesn’t wear pants.

So, since we already know who the next Bachelorette is (Rachel), who do you think will get the final rose? Chris likes Raven. I like Vanessa.

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