Review: K, Bye Liquid Lipstick by Trust Fund Beauty

Don’t you just love it when you open up your vanity and you find a liquid lippie that you have never touched before? I mean totally forgot she was sitting all the way in the back of the vanity completely alone like a wallflower?

Packaging- plastic feels similar to NYX liquid lipsticks, but the applicator is completely different. It is smaller and skinnier- might be an alternative for those that couldn’t get the hang of NYX’s applicator with smaller lips. Only real issue that I have, which is more like just my own pet peeve, there is product distributed onto the long wand too.

The liquid lipstick has a clay-like cosmetic scent. Therefore, it should be just fine for those with scent allergies. Per their website, K Bye shade is a dusty dessert rose with some brown. On the lips, absolutely yes. In the package, no. It’s closer to a terracota house IMO when looking at it.

Application is smooth and consistent. There is enough product with one dip to properly coat each lip. I am really digging this color!

I had ~2.5hrs of wear with this one. For liquid lipsticks, all day all play is what I like. I cannot take the time to stop and reapply during the day (my schedule doesn’t allow for it most days). I don’t want to have to think about when I am speaking with someone if I need a touch up or not. But, for the days when I am running a few errands (pictured below), this does work for me.


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