Happy Margarita Day!

Chris and I do go in spurts of being able to accomplish the no carb way of eating (WOE). Or, at least keeping it under 10g of carbs per day. Actually, he is better than me at it. To get through that phase, and be able to consume alcohol, here is a great quick margarita recipe for National Margarita Day! Cheers Everyone!

Put in your favorite jigger/shaker or even the blender:
2oz tequila (decrease to 1.5oz if too strong)
1.5oz fresh lime juice
2oz water
1-2T Madhava Organic Agave (only 5 calories and use depending on taste)
2-3 drops of Sweet Orange Essential Oil (depending on taste)

Rim your glass with salt. Or, dunk a lime wedge into salt and use as a pretty garnish. Don’t forget to add a drop of the essential oil to the lime wedge as well for more flavor. However you choose, make it fun and take healthy back (even with alcohol)!

We prefer Camarena’s tequila. Great flavor and an even better price. Yes, we do have all sorts of other brands, but this is really our go to.

I love putting margarita’s in the blender and a little bit of course sea salt on the rim of a martini glass. Tastes fancy, texture is lighter and not with all the carbs that some of the mixes have! I’ve seen some with 40 carbs in 1 drink.

Let me know in the comments below what you think and what you are drinking today (please be responsible)!



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