Review: Chanel’s Blue Serum

Much to my delight, this month’s Glamour Magazine also included a packet of this serum. Samples for me are, sometimes, the only way I know if I am going to purchase or not. Why should I shell out $110USD on something that might not do a single thing it claims to do? What if I can mix up a concoction at home that can work out better for my specific needs?

Per Chanel’s website, the ingredients in this serum are from the Blue Zones of the world. If I remember correctly from school, Blue Zones are where we have individuals living the longest (think Sardinia and Okinawa). I don’t necessarily think that the skin of someone 110yrs old will benefit from a serum, but who knows? Never tested a product that way.

I was kinda hoping for a blue-colored serum, almost as if they added Blue Tansy oil to it. But, for the most part it was kinda clear. Hardly any scent, so for those with fragrance issues, you might just be in luck!

I am not necessarily looking to add another serum to my daily skincare routine, but with morning and night usage, there will be benefits. Just one day’s use didn’t send my skin into oil overdrive. I think that I could come to a more comprehensive conclusion after one week of trying this out. I love the marketing of this and do think that it is revolutionary to use ingredients from the Blue Zones.

Have you been using this long term? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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