Review: 6 Soaps by Lush Cosmetics

Wow what a week! Hope everyone is pushing hard to finish the week filled with making a positive impact on others and elevating yourself to the next level!

Shooting Stars– Bergamot, lemon and lime essential oils along with antioxidant rich starfruit juice are the main reasons why I grabbed a hunk at my local Lush store. FYI- it is still 50% off on Lush Cosmetics website if you do not have a store within a few hours of you ;). Friends have stated that they smell lemon the most. To me, it is an even mix of all 3 oils that pack some good staying power. It isn’t the over the top type of scent, but it is nice when I am working out to be able to still smell citrus. For those that are into Baked Alaska, this is a wonderful compliment.

Here is a tip from me about buying larger chunks of soap- just take a sharp kitchen knife and cut it to a more friendly size for the shower or tubby time. Easy-peasy! Or, have one of their amazing employees cut it up for you prior to placing the wrapper. Less waste that way and your soaps will last longer!

Hand of Friendship– The scent of cherry blossoms always brings me back to my trips to Washington DC. Lush made this for their Friendship Fund and working with refugee resettlement efforts into North America. I had bought up quite a few of these, and sigh… this is my last one. The creaminess really helps when shaving and using at night with a Clarisonic. It completely rinses clean with no residue. However, there is residual moisture that I can still feel 4hrs later from the coconut & almond oils. I believe it is a total score! If you are lucky enough to get your “hands” on one, leave it out in the bathroom to get all that cheery cherry blossom goodness into the air. When friends visit, it will also give you a chance to discuss how much Lush cares.

Reindeer Rock-Delightful berry scented soap that is awesome in the winter! One would think it is better in the hotter months, but to me it is more of a cold weather soap. Pair this with the Comforter Bubble Bar or Comforter Shower Cream in the bath (I actually prefer this in the tub rather than the shower). Or, all three! This Christmas, Lush had changed the bar up a bit, but I prefer the old style (pictured). I detect so many other scents compared to the new. It seems more complex to me and feels more moisturizing. Unsure, but there might be more coconut oil? I am even using this as a hand soap at the kitchen sink.

Outback Mate– I am obsessed with the various shades of blue swirls within this masterpiece of eucalyptus, lemongrass and peppermint essential oils. It really makes one want to have a dance party in the shower! Plus, think about how uplifting those 3 essential oils are. Eucalyptus is awesome for cleaning. When I can start to feel some deep acne starting to brew well below the surface, I add eucalyptus essential oil to my toner to rectify that situation. Lemongrass and peppermint are awesome to get you happy and movin’ in the morning. Total score in my book with the creamy lather for hydration. Great for shaving and overall use in the shower.

Yog Log– really torn on this one. In my opinion, for unconventional uses, yes it works. It just doesn’t provide a creamy lather like so many of their others in the soap line. Not great for shaving at all, but the caramel scent that is left over in the shower is beautiful. On my skin, and it could be just me, there is no scent detected once drying off. Layering with complimentary scents & products (perfume, bath bomb, lotion, etc) will help the scent to stay. But for the money, I want this in shower moisture bar to do a little more. Let’s discuss when using with a Clarisonic. At night, I like a cleanser that is heavier on the moisturizing side after exfoliating. This is a champ for that application. When next Christmas rolls around, if the formulation is different, then I will try again. For now, it can stay looking pretty in my basket.

Fireside– this lovely soap came out at Halloween and I think I bought pounds of it. Again, cut to a more manageable size. It just has some spiciness, nuttiness and a little bit of sweet- just like LIFE! It packs a punch with all the grapeseed, coconut and olive oils. Not to mention the chestnut flour. For those unfamiliar with that ingredient in cooking, it is great for high quality protein and essential amino acids. This is another soap that I prefer in the bathtub. When using with a charcoal sponge or washcloth, I do not get as much lather. No big deal breaker when comparing to the staying power of the scent. Do not be swayed by the name. It isn’t like the shampoo bar Soak n Float.

Just like on Sundays, when I change up my shower products, I like to change up my basket on the table in the master bath. We always have friends stopping in and its just nice to keep the bathroom smelling fresh and yummy. It sounds weird, but I always have the girls use the master bath. Maybe due to the size, compared to the other baths in the home?

Overall, out of these 6, my favorite is Hand of Friendship. I have some great memories from DC with my parents. Love you Mom and Pop! This soap is just so luxurious and that scent! I will try not to eat it. It is awesome how scents can bring back wonderful memories. Which one is your favorite?

I am so thankful that companies are showing LGBTQIA friendly couples in their ads. Head over to look at Lush’s current home page! Thank you thank you thank you! If you are wondering which products I will be using this week, feel free to follow me, as I will be posting my Sunday change up & work out tomorrow!

Just wanted to give a quick thank you to my sweet friend Christine that suggested I lump all of these reviews into one long read for the weekend! You rock! Cannot wait to see you and give you a huge hug! Looking forward to a collaboration with her coming up in the next few months! Stay tuned….


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