Review: Young Living Essential Oils Citrus Fresh

Nope. Still don’t sell essential oils- Feel free to private message me and I will put you in touch with someone that does. Still just want to give you an unbiased review of what I think of YL’s Citrus Fresh essential oil, or any company’s essential oils/diffusers for that matter.

Scent: This 15ml bottle for retail $20.07USD, is packed full of orange, grapefruit, mandarin, tangerine, lemon and spearmint. Unfortunately, I don’t get spearmint when I sniff straight out of the bottle. I can only smell the 5 wonderful citrus scents. Some sniffs, I get more mandarin. Other times, more orange.

Home Office: There are so many ways that I use this. Diffusing is wonderful. Only 5 drops needed to get that amazing fresh scent into my home office with even a small diffuser (runs 5hrs) that I picked up off of Amazon for cheap. Kashi and KoKo’s bed/cage is in here with me and made their area sweet smelling by adding 2 drops to the tag on their bed. They did not seem to mind it at all.

Household: Then there is cleaning with it. Adding 8 drops to some distilled water in an 8oz metal bottle and spraying down the counter tops after using nasty chemicals, takes that unwanted smell away when I wipe away with a soft cloth. You can also place 1drop onto a cottonball and place at the bottom of your trash can to keep unfriendly scents away for the day.

Laundry: 2 drops in the dryer makes towels smell fresh. When unloading the dryer, that whiff of orange is so uplifting! It is said that orange is an anti-depressant, so I encourage you to use for that as well during these winter days. I didn’t try it in the washing machine, since everything I have been wearing has been picked up by the dry cleaners (love that service!).

Carpet: Adding 5 drops to the vacuum, I could still detect the scent in the carpets 8hrs later. But, just was not as strong as when initially used. 24hrs later, the vacuum still smelled like citrus oils. No need to add more!

Oil Pulling Method: I already like to use orange essential oil with some coconut oil to both oil pull and brighten teeth. Unfortunately, even with 1 drop, I do prefer the taste of straight orange over this. But, at least I am able to detect some spearmint this way, so that I know it is in there.

Skin: I decided not to dilute and apply 1 drop directly (without diluting) to my chin and it’s “new friend.” The astringent properties took the redness and swelling down upon contact. Then, once added 1 drop to a cotton ball with toner, my face and neck looked brighter (not to mention smell yummy). Diluting 2 drops into lotion or a carrier oil makes for an uplifting experience. I used coconut oil and still can smell Citrus Fresh 2hrs later on my arms. I think that once it is warm out and we’re out on the boat, it will be nice as a perfume.

Overall, for this experiment, I used 55 drops +/-. This bottle should provide up to 250-300drops total. For $20.07USD, I have no issues reordering this one each month. There are so many more ways to use and mix this I am sure, but I am no aromatherapist or expert in essential oils. I just know that I like some.

Let me know in the comments below how you like to use this one! I am always looking to try someone else’s ideas. Happy Fri-YAY!




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