PSA for the Day: Use only Cosmetic Grade Glitter On Your Face & Body

Most glitters that can be purchased are for home and/or craft use only. They are NOT meant to touch the tender skin of your face. There could be chemicals and such that you could have a reaction to. Or, they could get in your eyes or digested, anything! I mean, heck, it could be made out of glass, and now that’s seeping into you! Body glitter does not mean face-approved glitter usage.

After much hunting, I went with all sorts of cosmetic grade glitters from Just look at the size of the gorgeous red flakes.


They truly do adhere well to the eyelid with NYX’s Glitter Primer. My trick to getting that red color on the lid to really pop, is to prime with UD’s Primer Potion, swipe a red lipstick just on the lid and then layer bright red blush over to set.

For SuperBowl LI, I went with an Alanta Falcons inspired look. Chris and I live in the South now, and as my Bills are not in this year, I thought rooting for the Falcons (and not Pats) was appropriate (Instagram: jessicayanus). I am not a fan of either, but WOW that was an amazing game! To go into over time, how many SuperBowl game Tom Brady has played in, LADY GAGA- Just WOW! Could someone please return his jersey?

We have all seen the “pills” one can take to poop glitter. Here’s my dupe suggestion, rather than having that go through your digestive system: throw some glitter in the toilet bowl and then go to the bathroom. Problem solved.


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